Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Sure

I've not been writing much in the last few weeks.  Being on break would seem to be a time when writing would happen more.  Well, that didn't happen.  You might ask, "What did happen?" 

I guess I become sick the day after school let out.  I'z able to make it a couple of days when I was sure that I'd be healthy for the whole vacation.  I was excited to have the first at home vacation with nothing 'planned' since high school.  I was in a group of people who organized a local festival, so they's more than enough of events to attend.  Just as this festival ended, a group of three guys from the biggest church in Alaska came to the DLG Christian Youth Center.  I've been drug onto the board.  They ain't nobody else to do it.  At least...., that is how I viewed it when I started to workin' there.

The days seemed to come and go so fast.  I layed in bed in the morning most of the 14 days off barely able to get out of bed.  My head was a hurtin' and my throat hurt unlike none other.  I 'member thinking that I couldn't even make me some oatmeal in the morning.  I drug myself out of bed and done what needed to be done in order to raise funds for the youth center.  We worked so hard making homemade pretzels, pizzas, pudding, burritos, nachos and countless other foods and drinks.  The leaders come together and worked despite our shortcomings.  I was so unsure if it was worth all of the preparation.  However, I realized after 2 long nights of selling things at events that all of our planning was well worth the effort.  I was somehow now sick while I was serving.  However, it quickly hit me when we finished.  It was busy.  The biggest event of the town was certainly in front of me. 

Then the festival came to a end and I remained sick.  My throat was still a hurtin' and my chest, throat and neck went to hurtin' unlike none other.  I had the cold that was unstoppable.  Then the team arrived.  They had no idea even 3 days before that they'd end up in DLG.  They were supposed to go to Costa Rica.  There was a point when they was so sure that they'd be there.  However, they ended up here.  I tried my best to be there as much at the youth center despite my sickness.  They cleaned the basement out, covered the broken windows, patched the holes in the walls, cooked, cut wood, organized the office and basement, painted doors and many other things.  Our leaders at the youth center had never met them.  Most of all, they taught and hung out with the kids. 

I was in a small group yesterday when we read a question about when the last time was that we were sure that the Holy Spirit was present.  I was shocked at how easily I had an answer.  I am so sure that He was active in our lives.  The kids were greatly impacted by the team.  They spent only about 15 hours with them, but it impacted them greatly.  I am so sure how God can work within people.  I was almost unable to work during this time.  They's kids' lives that changed through such a small yet enormous visit.  They seen clearly that there was no other reason for the visit other than the Gospel.  It's been a while since I been so sure of this.  However, it is what it is!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Bit Much

It is finally time to take a break from work. I've worked since I got to the cold hard town ever bit of 55 hours a week plus.  I put in time at school and I've took two classes of my own.  There's just a sea of papers that waits for me all of the time.  I did right close to nothing today at work with the idea that tonight would be jammed packed full of tasks. 

First, I left school to go down to the university for my class.  I only managed to stay there for half of my class.  I knew that I was supposed to be somewhere else halfway through the class.  I just signed out of the online class and walked to an event at the elementary school.  You see.... this festival has consumed me in most ways for the last month or so.  I've went to several meetings and made pretzels and pizzas until I couldn't see right no more.  Trying to plan and plan and plan what people might buy for snacks at a talent show ain't usually what I do for fun.  They's 1/10th of the town there.  With 10 helpers a workin' we wadn't able to keep up with the sales.  There was kids walking up to us with a few dollars pointing and adults trying to keep their clan happy with a purchase of a pop.  Keep in mind, almost everything we sold was hand-made. Lots of work.

When we left, there was a blizzard a blowin' unlike I've ever seen in my life.  I was almost unable to carry a menu board across the parking lot while I was loading things into the cars.  I hollered that I'd be right out and they left.  I was stuck in a blizzard.  I couldn't see 3 feet in front of me.  I went to walking without a clear idea of where home was.  I knew it wasn't far since I live just across the street.  Just as I approached the road, a car stopped and an older Yu'pik man offered a ride.  I told him that I only live across the street.  Wow!

I got here and got some food from another festival meal over at the bingo hall.  I never dreamt that they's more that was going to happen.  The phone rung and the cold hard town had bad news.  Here I sit in the living room of my friend.  They just went to find someone in the cold hard town who was having a cold hard night a bit far off in the vast tundra.  Times are tough for some here.  Selling a pizza or two don't seem like it solves much.  However, they's so many problems that needs help.  Forget the papers that I grade and forget the rest.  The phone rings too much here.  I know that other people I know have felt the same way back home.  Too much sometimes is a bit much for people.  Pain and bad news seems to follow us all.