Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's many things that are annoying here.  I met up with some friends for a costume party yesterday.  I didn't dress up because I find it odd to gather in a small house and sit around with several other professionals and wear odd clothes.  I'm sorry, but I've growed out of that.  I just don't see myself doing it ever again.  Perhaps, but not in Korea.  They's too many other weird things around me.  I don't wanna dress up weird.

We got to talking about how some things here are just so odd.  The most common thing that people brung up was spitting.  Guys and sometimes even girls in miniskirts decide that they want to spit.  I mean..., they just spit everwhere they want.  They have no care in the world.  It is strange to be sitting in a restaurant and have someone just spit on the floor next to you.  Then you look up at them and they are dressed up in their Sunday best.  One has to wonder.

I find the several puke piles at the ground on the way to work more annoying.  I'm rather tired of the morning and I don't wanna pay attention.  So, if I ain't a lookin' out, I find myself with a few chunks at the bottom of my shoes.  Nasty!  I druther have a few spit spots than a few piles of puke.  It is out of control.  One time I saw a guy sleeping in his suit outside my house.  He just slept there after a night out on the town and then turned around and went off to work.  How crazy is that?

Then they's this line of women in their 40s or 50s that works at a make-up shop.  They line up at morning time and bow all together at the 8 lanes of traffic that pass.  I've learnt to pass behind them.  It is so funny to me.  you should see them look out of the corner of their eyes as they see a foreigner approach and walk up to what is just beside of them.  They bow like robots.  I wonder if some of them spit as they bow sometimes. So, needless to say, walking to work can be interesting.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pre-Christmas Blues

I hate that I am not going to be at 'home' for Christmas.  Christmas will be on a Sunday this year.  Crazy enough it come on the same day the last time I was in Korea.  I hated that day.  It was one of the worst days in my life.  I just sit in my house all day doing nothing.  Christmas is almost nothing here in Korea even though there are more people that practices Christianity than anything else.  Weird.

I found out today that I will not be able to travel back 'home' for the holiday.  I just listened as my co-teacher told me the news.  It give me a different feeling on the inside.  I dread missing Christmas without certain people.  Of course, there will be others here too, but no Christmas party at my house.  I do not like that.  My house is far too small for a X-mas party.  I have 2 chairs and some steps to sit on.  They just ain't no room for a party here.  There will be no church filled with people singing Christmas songs either.   I like Christmas songs.  Some are dumb, but I can handle even dumb ones just because it is somehow related to my most favorite day of the year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funny Things Today

I had a relaxed day at work today.  It was just a normal school day.  However, some of the students are just so funny in Korea.  It was one who come to my office to remind me that I was going to his class today.  I go to each class about once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Sometimes it is longer in between each visit.  I opened the double doors and shook his hand and his friend was on all fours on the floor.  His friend reached around and grabbed on to my ankle as a joke.  I went to laughing so hard.  These kids are 15 years old!  Are you serious?

I come home and took me a good ole' nap.  I need to take those these days.  They ain't no way around it.  I take too many pills.  They make me tired, but I power through it and go to the gym.  I refuse to not go.  While leaving the gym I saw a Canadian guy who goes there too.  He asked me about costumes which was fairly random.  I don't know the first thing about them.  I guess that since I speak English he assumed that I must know about costumes too.  Just then, one of my students, who I didn't recognize, rolled up on his bike and said, "Teacher, how are you?  I go to the house."  Then he shook my hand and rolled off.  Korea is so random.  It was funny.  As he rolled off, the Canadian guy said, "I go to the house too!"  Ha!

I met with my language exchange partner today.  It was pretty funny as always.  I eat some 'pat-bing-su' which is shaved ice with sweet milk, red beans, fruit cocktail and ice cream on top.  I eat it all myself.  We talked about everything going on in our lives.  It is a super fun time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The More I Write

I suppose that the more that I write, the more people reads my posts.  I can't believe there there's people that reads my blog from all over the world.  It ain't like they have stumbled upon my blog just once, but they've kept coming back for more.  I've went through a long spell of not writing too much, but I will make a better effort to keep up with it.  It's for me and it is for others.  Iran, Israel, Korea, USA, France, Netherlands and who knows where else are all places that have frequent visitors to my cold hard blog.  Keep coming back for more!

The more I write, the more I realize that there's plenty that happens over in Korea.  I went to a hospital today and got a boil removed for free because I ain't from here.  I can't think of no other reason why they done that for me. They give me plenty more pills for the other skin things that have been going on with me.  I feel great, so I ain't complaining.  Just as long as they ain't more annoying things around the corner.  I'll keep writing if I am able.

Sometimes, I start to missin' home and things about home more than I should.  It is when I have to go to the doctor or the bank that these feelings show up so clearly.  I don't wanna leave this place, but who knows what is around the corner.  It might could be the end or just the start of a not so cold hard life over here.  My friend was telling me that he feels as if they pay him to be on vacation.  I feel that way sometimes too.  It sure ain't hard to work here.  It is far from that.  Work ain't hard at all.  The more I write, the more I know this to be true.

Taking the subway here is a joy as long as you observe the random things that go on around you.  Today a well dressed 20 something 'homeless' person was worming along the center of the subway today begging for money.  I guess he went and bought him some new shoes and a shirt the last time he done his collection.  Ah.. Korea offers so much if you just pay attention.  I asked a random person about the water shut-off that is coming up at my house.  I couldn't read the sign, so I asked.  The guy was so happy to tell me what the sign said.  These kinds of openly polite people are so not common where I am from.  The people back home would answer, but not happily and with pure joy.  These are some of the things here that are just awesome.  The more that I write, more comes to my mind.... so... that's all for now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Crazy Culcom and Cats

I ain't really wrote about Culcom.  It is a language exchange business that I like to visit once a week.  I used to go two times a week when I first got here.  Many of my foreign friends go there too, so it is a good chance to get out of the bubble of Korean life.  Koreans pay money to be our friends which ain't cool, but they are cool.  It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to pay money to have foreigners (English speakers) be in a kind of study group with them.  We don't really study.  It is more like a guided conversation about a topic.

I went the first time and they give me a language exchange partner.  Her name is Li-ra.  She is right cool and lots of fun.  She paid for a few months and then we decided to meet outside so she didn't have to pay to be my friend.  Now we meet a couple times a week and either hang out or pretend to study.  It ain't for real.  We just sit and talk most of the time.  We share our trials and problems, so it is good to have a person to help in this land of confusion.  We are a kind of cultural informant for each other.  It is usually funny.  We laugh that it is okay to slurp on your straw when they ain't much left at the bottom of the cup in Korea, but my mom used to knock me upside the head if I'd do that back home.   It is pretty funny.  They's plenty of funny things that happens when we hang out.  We even had a funny conversation about spam last week.  I guess Koreans thinks it is good food since American soldiers used to eat it during the war.  Her foreign friend in Canada ask her why she was eating cat food, so we laugh about that.

They's a cat at Culcom sometimes.  I ain't a friend to many cats, but my friend Justin loves animals and children as well as old people.  I love old people and some funny children, but not cats.  He is sometimes so distracted during the conversation time and he plays with the dumb cat.  It makes me laugh pretty hard.  Tonight, the cat wadn't there.  I have no idea where it was.  However, a Korean member of our group asked me to be his language exchange partner because he has been attending for a long time and ain't had one yet.  I told him that I am far too busy, but we could hang out sometime.  He suggested that he buy me Smootie King.  I was tired, but I couldn't go home with the offer of a free drink at my favorite beverage joint.  So, I give in and went.  He was excited to tell me about how he is in the middle of making fuel efficient cars.  So, more or less, I just sit there and listened to him talk about random stuff.   It was still amusing.  He paid and wouldn't even allow me to hold the call thingy that rings and flashes when the order is ready.  Ah.. Koreans are funny!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I haven't wrote on here in a while again.  Life has been crazy.  I mean crazy.  Things are so difficult here sometimes.  I suppose that I have a love/hate relationship with Korea at this time.  There are so many good things, yet there are so many things that are difficult at best.  When I talk to my friends here, it seems that most of them think the same way.  I ain't able to sit here and define what is good or bad, but I feel like it is finally time to sit down and put it into writing.  They ain't much more I can do cuz having the same conversations with my 'foreign' friends here don't help much.  They almost always say that they agree and offer up some random difficult situation or some somewhat funny situation that they've had to deal with.

I've been dealing with some sort of skin issues for the past month or so.  I got these red spots that show up and stick around for a week or two. Then, just as I start to feelin' better or looking better more pops up some place else.  It is quite annoying.  I called off school one day cuz my skin went nuts and the school acted as if I done something really bad.  As if I want this stuff on me?  To make it worse, I feel mostly good.  I go to the gym and have been feeling right close to normal.  I just have spots on me.  Korea is a country that focuses on outer appearance more than you could imagine, so it is not easy.  I went to two doctors that give me a blank look and give me come cream.  I knew that it was more than just a problem that needed cream.  Luckily, I have people that prays for me and gives me advice or I'd have no idea where to turn next here.  Health care is not easy in a country that refuses to accept that people need to visit a doctor at least once a year during work hours.  It is hard to fully understand the complexity of this issue.  Errr.

I had to work on Saturday which was a blessing and a curse.  I got extra money and since I ain't got much left over from my pay from last month, it ain't been easy.  Health issues cost money.  It's hard to get around that.  I worked an English festival.  They was about 15 native English teachers who helped too.  There were speeches, essay contests and many games.  It was a long day followed by a long dinner with about 25 people.  The food was very Korean.  During supper, a really cool girl from East Canada mentioned that life here is like a movie and a dream.  It don't have to be a good movie or a great dream, but it is a mix of the two.  Things happen that are just amazing or crazy on a daily basis.  I saw a lady selling bunnies at the subway station today if that gives you and idea.  The day was so mixed with worry about skin, funny essays, great conversations with random teachers from around the world and sittin' at the floor eating tofu and b-que pork.

I applied to a dream job and got an interview.  So, I took the subway to the center of 'foreign' Korea in order to get a suit tailored.  It cost me an arm and a leg, but this is Korea and how you look often means more than what you can do.  I have this week to get ready for this interview.  It is the kind of interview that usually comes once in a life, so I have to do my best.  This week will be filled with prep for it.  They ain't no way around it.  I got to do it.  So, life trucks along here.  There is so much uncertain with my job and with my health, but it keeps a truckin!