Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Random Visit

I worked til 10 at Timmy's and I had to be back there at 6am. I had 8 hours to eat, rest and drive back. I decided that after working 8 hours, I had to have a bit of a good time. I called my friend Jeff to see what he was doing. I hardly see him, but every single time that we hang out, I laugh out of control. So, I drove over there and these are the interesting things that happened.

1. I walked into the kitchen where Jeff was standing there next to the stove. The lid to the boiling pot was covered and he had some grabber things in his hands. His other friend Thomas from the Czech Republic had also happened in, so there was the 3 of us. He decided to show me what he was cooking becuase he joked that I was probably hungry and wondering what it was. He lifted the lid and pulled out a coyote skull from the pot. You could see the fangs and the eyes were stickin' out. He told me that he wasn't aimin' to eat it, but he had to 'boil off' the meat to get to the skull. I recorded some of it on my phone. Crazy stuff and very nasty.

2. My friend lives in a very very big house in Dearborn near the Ford homes. I had never realized how big the house was until he showed me some stuff in his basement. We went down and looked around at some of the new things that he was doing. His friend was also down there and after about 10 minutes, Jeff reached into a freezer and pulled out a ring-necked pheasant wrapped everywhere but the head and tail. It was solidly froze with bright feathers. The whole time I was thinkin' that I somehow meet the most interesting out there people. It was also very funny.

3. There was many other funny things, but I can't recall them at this time. I do remember my friend pulling out some super strong drink and mixing it with simple syrup. He did a bunch of other crazy things too, but hey..., that's how he rolls. His foreign friend kept a laughin' and giving me this "holy crap" look.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am angry. Please bear with me on this one. I try to write what is going on in my life, so from time to time...., I must share what is going on in my head. There are three things that have went down in the last week that have set me off. Well, there are a few other things, but I'll just brief you on the three most annoying.

The first one is one of my students is from a certain place. He is awesome. He would like to learn English and do something awesome with his life. However, he is in an interesting environment. He is not allowed to say what he'd like to say about hisself. Therefore, he makes up stuff in my class to hide from the dominant culture. The crazy thing is that he is technically part of their race/culture, but he has another dominant language. This alone gives this student the feeling that he has to hide his true identity. This does not sound like a good classroom setting. I've decided to take the time to introduce him to as many school activities and ways to get to know some people that he can be real with. Overall, it is a sad thing.

Next, the senate is currently (as in right now) voting to allow ILLEGAL children to recieve immediate health care. They are no longer going to have to wait 5 years to recieve this care. Wait, they are ILLEGAL!!! Hello....!!! This country has no money. We can barely pay the interest on the loans to China. Why do I have to pay for these children? We are bankrupt. We are bankrupt. Do I have to say it again??? This makes me very very very very very angry!!!! I am not able to accept our dumb government. They are running us into the ground and then some. I will not accept them.

Thirdly, I asked my students to move the desks into a U shape so we could speak French easier. Nope, as a huge student leaned back in his chair, he informed me that he is unable to move any desks or chairs and that it is my job to do that. Okay, get this straight.... they'z 20 people in class who refused to follow the orderly and normal request of a staff member and nothing could be done. Welcome to my world! I told the secretary and she said that she was sorry, but she done nothing. My Spanish class just had the same situation and the students simply done what they was supposed to do. Same college too! Go figure. Just so you know, at the end of the class I was "fitten to go".

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, I've decided that I must do something else with my life. I hate that I have allowed myself to get to this point. I am not able to keep a truckin' down the path that I am on. I have worked at HFCC for 3 years and nothing has come of it. It has allowed me to get the WC3 job, it has give me some experience and stuff. I know that I can do it, but at the same time I don't want to. I am so so so sick of having to spend money to have a stupid job. I done my part. Someone should just give me a job. What the heck? It shouldn't be this hard. I do not blame anyone. In fact, the problem is that I blame myself. What have I done wrong? Most of the people I know who did the exact same things as me got a job and not 5.

So, despite all of my fears I will at least traver down the path to become a murse. I have to figure out how long it will take and most importantly how much it will cost. I owe way too much money. I will not take a single class unless I pay out of pocket...... that's for sure. What is for sure, I will figure it out although I still don't want to do it.

My Spanish teacher asked us to form groups for a presentation after 2 classes. I joined the only group of downriver people. I didn't want to drive far for a group. So, I ended up joining a group with three murses. Sorta strange!! What is crazier is that they know K-dogg. They are mostly ballers. Maybe one day I'm a gonna be a baller.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yeah, I've been all over the world. Despite this, I've yet to find a place that is as good or better than Downriver. I like it. There is a certain way of thinking that drives what goes on in this little area of Michigan. Of all of the places in the world, I happened to be born here. I know where everything is and I don't want anything to change. It is awesome that 90% of the people on my street are just like me. I don't want multiculturalism on my street. I can just drive 10 minutes and find it. I like the familiar. Don't get me wrong I enjoy other cultures at least as much as most, and probably more. I've had to adapt to different cultures and ways of life in many different places around the world. However, now I choose to stay right here.

I was at Timmy Horton's for a study group for Spanish class and after 3 minutes into the meeting I realized that 2 of the 3 other people in my group know K-dogg. How crazy is that? Yep, they are all from Downriver. As far as I knew they were just some random people in my Spanish class that happened to include me in their group. Actually, they had lots of funny stories to tell and we laughed a ton about interesting stuff that goes on at a certain hospital. What is even more strange is that I had even been told a bit about one of the guys in the group. He was like...., "how do you know this about me?"

I keep being frustrated that I do not have one good job and that I live at home and that I don't make more money after all of this school, and that I have so much debt and...................! I just feel like I'm in some sort of rut. I want to get out of it. I run after the cheese, but I feel like I get stuck on the sticky trap. I am stuck Downriver because there is nothing better. I want to discover/find a job that fits my skills anyplace I can. I would move if I had a good offer. There are just no options at this point. I keep running the nursing thing through my brain. I don't want to do it, but it seems like an option. I don't want more school if that involves doing something that I don't want to do. AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Uncertain Future

I went to my friend's house after working at Tim Horton's. I had to be back 8 hours after I left, so I felt as if I had to have some fun. While I was there we talked about money. He is an accountant, so he follows such things. We have a good time laughing about certain news stories. In fact, he's the one who introduced me to the drudgereport. We actually talked of a few things that was pretty interesting.

I guess England is now unable to pay the interest toward their debt. They can't print money like we have been doing cuz their money will devalue really fast. The other thing that I heard about is how some dumb bank asked for 35 billion dollars to get them out of immediate trouble. They done give these idiots 80ish billion or something like that!! I was informed that someone at the bank spent $30,000 on a dresser. What is wrong with these people? Why would we pay for such things? I have a very uncertain feeling about the future of this country. I must say that it is perhaps the first time when I have felt a bit unhappy with my country. Unlike Obamer's wife, I have always been proud and will remain so. However, the greed is so crazy.

Despite all of this stuff that is going to soon hit the fan as the Burkemachine says, I find that my life seems pretty much the same with very little money or lots. I had tons of money in Korea compared to the average Joe. I made 3,ooo,000 won a month while most people was lucky to get 3,000 won an hour. I felt no different then than I do now. I used to bother me that they looked at me as if I was some super rich person. Rich people and banks needs to realize that their money is only worth the worth that they assign to it. I hope that I will learn to work my hardest for the right reasons without a huge focus on money.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Random Call

I got a random call from Texas. I was hoping it was George Bush. I have a few things to tell him. I would love to tell him that I am glad that he was my president. I would like to hang out with him. I know that he has problems. I know that he struggles with life. I know that he supports life. I know that he has a genuine faith in the same person as I do. I also don't know a ton about him. Therefore, I'd like to get another call from Texas. However, it was a random non-English speaker who said very little except...., "I'm sorry". Can't people in my country learn my language? I know that my students try very hard to learn English. I know French and now I'm learning Spanish and neither one of them should be an option on the phone when I call a company. I learn all of this stuff out of chance that I'll meet someone cool who I can chat with. Maybe, George will learn better Spanglish now that he's back in Texas.

I love calling people randomly. I know that it annoys people pretty bad sometimes. Lots of time I don't have much to say. I know some people hate the phone while others simply don't use it. Life happens so fast. I want to share it with my friends and family. Funny stuff happens and I feel compelled to share it right then and there.

Lastly, I do not enjoy "calling out" people. I would rather just approach the person and then hope that they can laugh about whatever problem is happening. I hate confrontation. This is why I do not want a call from DC. I know that I'd have to have a long annoying talk with someone about "rights" and how I ain't right.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spanish and Stuff

I went to my first Spanish class today since high school. Man, it was a lot easier. I am not sure why. Maybe I have a better grasp of French or I can sit in my chair for longer than 20 mins. now. In any case, my teacher is pretty cool and I like that sort of stuff. I have no goal, but it is fun to do. I found the book online for $30 instead of $160, so that's cool. WC3 is paying for me to learn what I wanna learn, so that is also cool.

I am running in a few directions at the same time and I feel like nothing is being done well or correctly. I have to be at work with an idea of what to do at 8:30. I managed to go to work, sign up for a class, go to the class in Belleville, stop by at Timmy Ho-Ho's, go to K-Mart and go to a friend's house to order the book online. I ain't stopped all day. I have to work in the morning and then somehow deliver a stove to my house and then sort clothes and hit the gym. Arrrr. That's my crazy day to look forward to.

I have no idea why I find it important to go to school at this point. I am plenty busy while teaching. Free sounds good, but headaches don't. Will I ever speak Spanish? Time will tell on this'n.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Interesting Everyday Stuff

I was off today for the 'holiday', so I slept in. I got up with plans to get a ton accomplished. I wanted to get a haircut, buy stuff, visit fun people, go to the gym and various other normal things. Despite all of my plans, not much worked out. I overslept. That wadn't that bad, since I love sleeping. I had to drive clear to Melvindale to pick my phone up that I had left over my mom's friend's house. It is almost 6 and I have not done but one of these things.

I stopped by to see my great-aunt and great-uncle. I brought them some coffee and some random things as gifts. They have grown to expect gifts. It is easily one of the most calm places on the planet to visit. Sure there are little kids a runnin around and a bit of annoying stuff, but they are simply awesome. It sucks that my grandparents are all dead, but they are as close as it gets for me now. Lots of funny stuff was said by all of us. We just sit there and laughed our asses off.

It bothers me so bad that people have placed their faith in Obamer. He is only one person and he has yet to prove any of his claims. Let's at least wait and see what he can do, if anything. What irks me more is that he is not "African American" any more than he is "white". Sure, he looks more "African American" than white. My great-uncle looks more "white" than Cherokee, but he is indeed both equally just like 'bomber'. I am so sick of hearing how he is going to save us from our greedy American way. Americans have spent and borrowed theirselves into this mess and I promise you that he ain't a gonna bring us out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


It was cool yesterday when WC3 sent me home one hour early because of the mini-snowstorm. I drove home in about 30 minutes from Belleville, so it couldn't be that bad. As I was driving home, I got to thinkin' about how I'd shovel before I went to bed after going to a friend's house. I don't mind doing it. I really like it after 11pm for some reason. It is calm yet bright cuz of the street lights a shinin' off of the snow. I love it. So, as I was returning home from my friends I sorta got excited. I was looking forward to it for some reason. I pulled into the driveway and didn't see it leaning beside of the house. Nope, some idiot had come and drug it off. Who would steal a shovel from a woman who has heart problems? I was thinking that it could have been a prank or that someone somehow found fun it. However, a friend reminded me that it is not common for people to do such a thing. I just hope that whoever stoled it had a good time with it. LOL!!

I am also about to possibly shovel a heap of work upon my head by signing up for as many classes as WC3 will pay for. I am not sure if it is past time to sign up or not, but since I just decided to pursue a free degree in International business..... I'll soon find out. I work there on T and TH, so I should take advantage of whatever they have to offer.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prozac and Cats

I just got to my friend's house. He has a really strange cat. Each time I come in the house, it's a waitin' at the door. He just sits at the floor and rolls around like a crazy fur ball. When he first got him, he was foaming at the mouth, sick at his stomach and had a fear unlike none other. He stayed in the car cage for a couple of days before he came out. Now he runs around like crazy.

What is really interesting is that he has a brother who also has a strange cat. His brother moved from one house to another and brought the cat. The cat got anxious because of the new surroundings. What is funnier is that the vet also said that the cat is probably also depressed because my friend's niece just started driving. She spends much less time at home. Therefore, the vet give the cat prozac to calm it.

I been thinking that maybe I should get some pills to calm myself down. I am far from depressed most of the time and can't figure out why people would be. Sometimes I say that I'm depressed, but I rarely am. I get anxious sometimes, but I don't think that I suffer as much as the cat.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold and Colder

I woke up in time to get ready for work. I guess I am the only teacher around working today. All of the schools are closed because it is too cold for little children to walk. I think it is too cold for me to walk too. I tried to open my screen door that was froze shut and ran out to my car to turn it on. It barely turned over. I had it warm up as I peered out my window holding a bowl of hot oatmeal. The whole time I was thinking..... "IT IS COLD"!

I drove to work and as I was walking through the parking lot I could hardly breathe. What the heck? I have only been colder one time and that was in the mother province of the mother land. My nose froze shut there which was super weird. I made it into class and realized that most of the students were not there because of the cold. The schools were closed, so their children are at home.

I was asking myself if there is anything colder than the cold that I have experienced in Quebec or this morning. I guess the answer is yes. It is much colder to have a bunch of grain stored away in a silo and let it rot rather than share it with someone who has bones sticking out of his/her stomach. I have a huge problem with hunger. I struggle with it daily, but not quite like others who have no way to fix the problem. All I have to do it walk to the fridge or charge some food on the credit card and "sha-bang", I have food. Sometimes I feel like my silo is full and I don't share what I can't possibly use. I encourage everyone to get rid of stuff that they will never use. It can be food, clothes, money (doubt that's anyone who reads my blog). LOL!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


These tiny two little things are so important. One of them is killing me right now. When I woke up, there was a pain like no other. It is mostly pressure. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the eye with a sharp object. I took a pill or two and thirty minutes after, it still hurts like a B. Have you ever gotten something very very small in your eye? This is much worse. You want to jump off of a cliff for it hurts so so bad. Water pours out of your eyes like a waterfall and you just feel like doing anything useful to remove it.

I've been seeing all kinds stuff around town. Well, maybe not town....., but in my life. I've seen how people won't give up on stuff no matter how positive or negative it is. I understand that this is perspective. Each person looks at a situation and sees something else. However, the truth is most of the time 99% of the people see it one way and the others see it a different way. How do you get in the 1%. Do these people see things in a better way? Mabye they have gifted eyes? It seems like the people in the 1% category are more like a tiny little object that gets in an eye and bothers it until the eye cleans itself out. I wonder when I am that tiny little jerk that shows up and is unable to see what the heck I'm doing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Calm Before the Return to Work---Not!!

I thought yesterday was going to be a calm day. I also thought that everything would be run of the mill. Despite my dreams of having a peaceful and uneventful Sunday, many other things happened. Church went well except for the fact that I was 20 minutes late. I hate being late, so that was not good. Everything there was interesting and enjoyable, but after everything started to change a bit.

First, instead of either going out to eat with my friends or going to the Taco Bell that's one block away from chruch, I went to a Taco Bell 20 minutes away. I am not too sure how this happened. Thankfully, there were 10 others who decided to make the voyage. I then left there and made a pit stop at the cafe to chill and whatever.

After all of this, I took my mom grocery shopping. Let me tell you that this is the most awful experience almost every time. It went off fairly smooth this time without too many annoying things. However, after all of that my mom proposed making some CVS stops to buy stuff for the soup kitchen. We bought 4 buggies full of candy and cranberry sauce at two places. Now I have to deliver all of it. After that I was forced to create a place in a tiny room for my mom's treadmill. Everything that used to be in my closet had to be transfered to my current room. It was packed from the floor to the ceiling. I never knew that my mom had so much crap. I guess she just pushes it in any place that has an hole or open space. Moving everything from one closet to another is a big job. So finally, it is done.

After all the stuff was went through and countless amounts of stuff was sorted to go to the clothes closet at the church, I decided that it was really time to go to bed. I layed there for 2 1/2 hours thinking about what I was going to have to deal with in the morning. New students always freak me out. I never know what they are going to be like. It took me 35 minutes to make a 14 min. drive. Arrrrr. I hope I can take me a good nap after work.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Work

I will be going back to HFCC on Monday. Who knows what this semester will bring? Last semester brung annoying events with cell phones a ringin' off the hook in class and interesting meetings with the director. I couldn't get the students to stop smashing food into the carpet, writing on the desks, speaking in Arabic or various other rude/crazy things. Remember these are adults. Not all of them were a problem, but I felt sorry for the cool one who only wanted to learn. I just prayed every day for God to work through me because I knew I was unable to control them. Let's see if this upcoming semester will be as awesome as some of the others. It is either hit or miss with that place.

I get to go to a conference to hear about some random stuff for WC3 on Saturday. Therefore, I will be there rather than at the donut shop. I'll get paid a lot more, so that's cool. I also have no idea what to expect from the ghetto semester either. I had a few crazy experiences there too, but I must say that they were a bit more predictable than at HFCC.

I have to update all kinds of forms, tests and random other paper type stuff. I am not good and doing these easy things that simply take time. I just put them off cuz they get on my nerves. It is the easiest of my work, but the least interesting.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh God!!!!

So, I must admit that I am taking part in a bit of doom and gloom while also being fairly positive. I never used to think that was possible. Now I can at least try and look at what good might come out of a bad situation. However, I do not see too many postitive economic things going on. Despite this, there are many postiives that are hidden within these troubles. It has been bothering me that the mission in Lincoln Park isn't handing out 3 day food baskets cuz they ain't got enough food. What the heck? Are there that many people who are hungry? I really love to eat... that's all I know!! I suppose that these times may be bad for some, but it is a good time for those of us who have stuff to supply people with food who need it. It makes me think of my mom when she used to seemingly feed half of our block in the summer. Not sure how it happened since she had 0 income, but it still did. Fish and loaves?

I hit up my favorite news website "" and noticed that Isreal is still fighting with Hamas. Not only are they fighting, but it is in esclation. It will not end anytime soon. Hamas will never never give up. Some moon god has told them to protect their land, so they will. I suspect that these two situations are linked, but I can't put my finger on it. I know this puts me in "crazy land", but I assure that they are in that territory.

I am not in a soup line and I have five jobs. I am doing better than many/most. I guess I'll have to check back to drudgereport to see if there are fewer jobs next week. I know Obamer will propose how he can save economy and maybe even the world. We already know that he is "The One" by his own admission.

Friday, January 9, 2009

One Hour Drive

So, I took a one hour drive yesterday to see my mom's friends family. I enjoy going there. We don't do a whole lot there but play cards, talk and eat. So, of course.. that's what I like. I am not too into cards, but the people we play with are very funny about it. So we had a really good time. The food was amazing.

It was really funny/annoying driving up there with my mom. You have to understand that she has some sort of irrational fear of freeways. I was only 99% sure of the path which caused her to have some more fears. Thirdly, it started to rain as we were getting off of the freeway to drive down the "country roads". My mom was sitting next to me a screamin' and actin' like a complete wack job. She said, "Watch out! We're a gonna fall down into the cliff." First of all, how do you fall "down into a cliff"? I admit that the roads were snow covered, but I was driving 25 in a 55 zone. Ain't sure why she lost her mind. Everyone laughed at her when I told the stories of her acting like a crazy.

Everyone should drive an hour away from this horrible suburb-ish area we live in. It is annoying. It is worth it. Just don't take my mom. She'll drive you crazy. Just have her teleported there, so you can laugh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Funny (for Hillary)

arousing or provoking laughter; "an amusing film with a steady stream of pranks and pratfalls"; "an amusing fellow"; "a comic hat"; "a comical look of surprise"; "funny stories that made everybody laugh"; "a very funny writer"; "it would have been laughable if it hadn't hurt so much"; "a mirthful experience"; "risible courtroom antics" [syn: amusing]
beyond or deviating from the usual or expected; "a curious hybrid accent"; "her speech has a funny twang"; "they have some funny ideas about war"; "had an odd name"; "the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves"; "something definitely queer about this town"; "what a rum fellow"; "singular behavior" [syn: curious]
not as expected; "there was something fishy about the accident"; "up to some funny business"; "some definitely queer goings-on"; "a shady deal"; "her motives were suspect"; "suspicious behavior" [syn: fishy]
experiencing odd bodily sensations; "told the doctor about the funny sensations in her chest"

#4 is really really funny!!

So, the main reason you are so funny to me is that you fill the qualifications of #3. You do things in a way that is slightly unexpected. Any questions??

As for the others, there are reasons why I find most of you funny as well. If you happen to be in the less than one percent of the population that I do not find funny. I'm sorry. You do not fit any of these 4 criteria.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Since I've been on Christmas break, I've had many a chance to sit back and people watch. It is one of my favorite activiites. I'll give you a glimpse into some of the places, sounds and thoughts of the season.

Christmas Eve morning was pretty cool. Despite the fact that my mom's heart doctor wanted to see her, I still managed to enjoy my morning. I took her and then went to a friend's house for breakfast after they had done some singing for old folks. The slush was above my toes as I walked to and from their door. After all of this, we went back to a friend's house to watch some disadvantaged kids open a ton of gifts that a few of my friends went in on. I guess their mom is not in good shape and isn't expected to recover. Obviously it was a bad time for them, but after they got their gifts they were more than excited. The younger of the two insisted on showing off the gifts and explaining the details of how his gifts were better than his brother's.

I just observed an Indian woman come into the cafe where I write. She spoke in the main Indian language to the guy who owns the cafe. The funny thing is she whispered and expected him to know what she was talking about. He knows most of the language, but only responded in flawless English. Why do people here think that it is normal to speak to someone in a random language? He laughed at her cuz it was completely random. She owns a Donut shop. I bet you can guess which one it is.

On the way back from the doctor yesterday my mom decided that she wanted to remind me that my dad was a messin' around on her. She seems to have to remind me of the obvious. I ain't quite sure why. Sometimes I think that she feels I don't agree with her reasoning behind leaving him. She fails to realize that I rarely if ever think of him. I simply don't care. The conversations are about 95% her talking and 2% me talking along with a bit of silence.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mo Problems & Mo Fun

Yeah, I took my mom to see her heart doctor again. I guess her arms and legs still hurts pretty bad. She drank some radioactive juice and they took some images of her heart. It is crazy that they can look around inside. The doctor said that she either has another blockage or her first procedure didn't work well. There is a possiblity that she has anxiety. I know someone who thought that he was having a heart attack cuz of that. Who knows?

So, I'm on vacation now and I have been for about a month. Enough is enough. I feel more than lazy. Despite all of this, I've been busy the whole time. I rarely pass a moment without something interesting or fun going on. I remember when I was a young'n I used to sit at my grandparent's house and complain about being bored. Sometimes, I wish that I could travel back to them days. Sometimes nothing is better than a lot and the opposite.

Going to the gym has been pretty funny. I decided to throw a ball over top my friend's head which caused him to take a spill off of the ball. He found hisself beside of the funny but huge ball. I was unable to not laugh as I tried my best to catch him as he fell from the ball. Funny stuff.

I visited a local soup kitchen in Lincoln Park a couple times. They get the most random food donated. It seems that people donate the crap that they don't want rather than provide hungry people with reasonable stuff. I decided that I'm going to put a bin at church and see if people will donate food. There are a lot of really hungry people wandering the streets of Lincoln Park. You woulnd't think it, but there are.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mosab Hassan Yousef

So, I watched a documentary about this guy who used to be in leadership for Hamas. He recruited young people to follow the ways of the Koran and kill Jews. It was nice to hear from this person who had grown up in a really religious family who was also very political. I have a very good friend who had a similar upbringing in Madagascar. There are certainly some major themes in both of their lives. They both grew up following Islam by carrying out what the Koran said to do. They both began to see things within their religious life that were annoying or wrong. Interestingly enough, the thing that brought both of them to faith in Jesus is that Jesus taught to "love thine enemy". Mosab was asked to join a Bible study as he was walking down the road in Isreal. Some "random" people were just wanting to read the Bible with people. He even mentioned that he had never heard of such things. It kills me that billions of people have never even been introduced the idea of loving everyone regardless of their actions towards you. He could not get it out of his head. Obviously, the Holy Spirit was working within this guy. How cool is it to know that the God of the world pursued this guy? He converted and moved to San Diego to live out his Christian life. He has recieved death threats simply for thinking and loving. What? Clearly, it is important for us to share our lives and faith with people with the certain hope that Jesus will call upon people to seek Him. There is no logical reason for Mosab to have converted. He had money, power and high position. He just didn't have the right to seek the truth. He left it all behind to follow the One who sent someone to share an idea that many of us take for granted. I loved watching how sincere Mosab was during the interview. It reminded me of my Malagasy friend. You can't argue with life expereince or with the fact that his life revolves around love rather than hate and distruction. His descision speaks for itself.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Po Folks

Lyrics by Bill Anderson

There's a whole lotta people lookin' down their noses at me, cause I didn't come from a wealthy family. There was ten of us a livin' in a two room shack on the banks of the river by the railroad track.

We kept chickens in a pen in the back and everybody said we was po' folks. My daddy was a farmer, but all he ever raised was us. Dug a forty foot well struck, thirty-six gallons of dust. Salvation Army give us clothes to wear a man from the county came to cut our hair. We lived next door to a millionaire but we wasn't nothin' but po' folks.

We was po' folks a livin' in a rich folks world. We sure was a hungry bunch. If the wolf had ever come to our front door he'd a have had to brought a picnic lunch. My grand-daddy's pension was a dollar and thirty-three cents. That was ten dollar less than the landlord wanted for rent. The landlord's letters got nasty indeed. He wrote get out but pa couldn't read, and we was too broke to even pay heed, but that's how it is when you're po' folks.

We was po' folks livin' in a rich folks world we sure was a hungry bunch. If the wolf had ever come to our front door he'd a have had to brought a picnic lunch. But we had something in our house money can't buy. Kept us warm in the winter cool when the sun was high, for whenever we didn't have food enough and the howlin' winds would get pretty rough.

We patched the cracks and set the table with love , cause that's what you do when you're po' folks, and we wadn't nothin' but po' folks, my mom and my dad was po' folks... my brother and my sister was po' dog and my cat was po' folks and even the po' folks was po' folks!!!

This song inspired this entry. I have always really loved this song. For sure, It come out before I was born. Anyways.... I'm sick of my life situation. At this point, I'm living to pay for what I did in the past. All I did is work and study. I don't know why that had to cost so much money. Part of me would like to have come from a rich family. I'd only like to have the opportunities that they have. I would have liked to have had choices. I did more than I could have imagined with no money after high school. I travelled the world and went to a great university. I studied what I wanted to study. I did what I wanted to do. However, during my time at university, I had to work non-stop just to pay the bills at my mom's house. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally thrilled that I live in a country that has given me the chance to follow my dreams. However, no matter what... I've been disadvantaged in some ways. All of the little things mentioned in this song have led to the point of stagnation I'm found in today. I try my best to do whatever I can do to improve my life. I work 5 dang jobs. I admit that one of them is more or less for fun. In fact, I like work. It doesn't bother me. However, I'm stuck at my mom's house. I can't do it any longer, but I must. It drives me crazy, partly cuz she's crazy. I'd take a job in a different state in a minute. I'm certified in three areas for secondary education and I have a crazy amount of expereince. One can forget going to the Amazon or wherever. I'm done with that.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Isn't it cool when you discover a cd or song that you never knew existed? I used to get really excited to take the plastic off of the cd cases and read the inserts. I used to be really into sneaking into mines and searching for gemstones in geodes. Yeah, I'm crazy. I did that a bunch in Quebec. When I'd discover something really cool, I'd be really excited. I think discovering is one of the coolest things in life. What about when someone discovers that they won the lottery? My family won $5,000 on the lottery when I was 12 years old or so. We were really excited. It was one of the coolest Christmas times ever. We all got more than we could have imagined. It was cool to read about K-Dogg and how he discovered the meaning of life. Yeah, we all go through similar discovery times. I just discovered the cafe where I go all of the time. I'm here now. I wonder what will be next to discover. What have all of you discovered?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year ???????????s

I keep asking myself what the heck I accomplished this last year. I was not in school for the first time in many decades, so I can't say that. I managed to spend about half of the year with two special someones, but that ended badly/happily. (depending on the perspective) What did I do? A year past, and not much happened. Money came and went. I still have debt up to my ears. I work and toil, but it all remains the same. Will I still be at my mom's house in a year? I hope not. I like it there, but I'd rather not be there. Will there be one good job a waitin' for me this year? Will there be one special person? I have not a clue. Who's gonna die? Who will be born? Will I be here next year? Ahhhhhh...... What is so hard about accomplishing the things that I want to accomplish? Up until I was 25, I managed to do everything I wanted. Now, I'm stuck in a rut without obvious advancement. What am I missing? What am I not doing? Am I being lazy? Lots of questions to ponder on this New Year's Day. Despite all of this, I'm rather happy. If I don't think about those things, most other things seem good. Let's see what this New Year will bring!