Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prozac and Cats

I just got to my friend's house. He has a really strange cat. Each time I come in the house, it's a waitin' at the door. He just sits at the floor and rolls around like a crazy fur ball. When he first got him, he was foaming at the mouth, sick at his stomach and had a fear unlike none other. He stayed in the car cage for a couple of days before he came out. Now he runs around like crazy.

What is really interesting is that he has a brother who also has a strange cat. His brother moved from one house to another and brought the cat. The cat got anxious because of the new surroundings. What is funnier is that the vet also said that the cat is probably also depressed because my friend's niece just started driving. She spends much less time at home. Therefore, the vet give the cat prozac to calm it.

I been thinking that maybe I should get some pills to calm myself down. I am far from depressed most of the time and can't figure out why people would be. Sometimes I say that I'm depressed, but I rarely am. I get anxious sometimes, but I don't think that I suffer as much as the cat.

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K-Dogg said...

poor cat... thank the Lord for cat psychiatrists. their role in society is highly underrated.