Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mosab Hassan Yousef

So, I watched a documentary about this guy who used to be in leadership for Hamas. He recruited young people to follow the ways of the Koran and kill Jews. It was nice to hear from this person who had grown up in a really religious family who was also very political. I have a very good friend who had a similar upbringing in Madagascar. There are certainly some major themes in both of their lives. They both grew up following Islam by carrying out what the Koran said to do. They both began to see things within their religious life that were annoying or wrong. Interestingly enough, the thing that brought both of them to faith in Jesus is that Jesus taught to "love thine enemy". Mosab was asked to join a Bible study as he was walking down the road in Isreal. Some "random" people were just wanting to read the Bible with people. He even mentioned that he had never heard of such things. It kills me that billions of people have never even been introduced the idea of loving everyone regardless of their actions towards you. He could not get it out of his head. Obviously, the Holy Spirit was working within this guy. How cool is it to know that the God of the world pursued this guy? He converted and moved to San Diego to live out his Christian life. He has recieved death threats simply for thinking and loving. What? Clearly, it is important for us to share our lives and faith with people with the certain hope that Jesus will call upon people to seek Him. There is no logical reason for Mosab to have converted. He had money, power and high position. He just didn't have the right to seek the truth. He left it all behind to follow the One who sent someone to share an idea that many of us take for granted. I loved watching how sincere Mosab was during the interview. It reminded me of my Malagasy friend. You can't argue with life expereince or with the fact that his life revolves around love rather than hate and distruction. His descision speaks for itself.


Burkulater said...

I heard about this...pretty cool.

Laura said...

I wish I would have seen that. It's an awesome story.