Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think it is really cool to watch people go through their journey in life. Of course, you have to spend enough time with them to get it. Most of the time it just seems like they may not experience anything out of the ordinary. However, we all know that this is a lie. We all have issues, trials, problems, joys and whatever else makes us keep a tickin'. As the world spins at an ungodly Godly speed, each individual is searching for something that is running toward it. It is crazy! It freaks me out and comforts me at the same time.

As I've been saying a lot recently, I spend a fair amount of time at the cafe up the block from my house. I am not sure what exactly draws me there. Sure, there is free Internet and I like to eat their subs. I get fountain pop, so that ain't special. Why do we fall into these routines so easily? It would be fairly difficult for me to stop coming here. While I've been here I've got to know the people who own it simply from having small talk that leads to really personal/spiritual stuff. Sometimes when I leave I can't believe that God has allowed me to tell them anything awesome about hisself. Why does he choose me to say anything about Him? Not sure.....

The younger of the two brothers who works there showed me a JWs Awake magazine. He asked me what I thought of it. I didn't want to slam the crazy cult people, but after we had been talking a bit about it I realized that the same rude jerk who comes in Timmy's is the one bothering them to "study" with them. Why would they introduce a magazine rather than the Bible? Why do they use that crazy Bible that has an "unknown translator"? He has a Hindu background, but somehow it is clear to him that the real God isn't involved with JWs. It is intreresting to see. Both of them seem reasonably interested in knowing spiritual stuff. They ask questions which sometimes surprises me. Why do foreign people ALWAYS talk to me about Jesus. I don't ask them or share anything.

The other day when I was at Best Buy with my mom buying the oven, a lot of funny stuff happened. My mom wanted something like what was on the floor, so the kind midddle-aged woman helped her find whatever in the database. My mom pulled her up a chair and sit down next to her. She then proceeded to tell her all about her life story. The lady didn't ask, so it is similar to people talking to me about random stuff. Anyways... It went like this. "You know, I'z borned in Kentucky and I never used have a stove like the ones they have today. Have you ever been in a country house in Kentucky?" No response from the woman.... "I just quit smoking. I begun smoking when I was 8 or 9. Ain't that crazy. Jesus helped me quit. Can you believe that??" The woman sorta just looked at her and smiled. Then my mom told her the whole story about her living with my dad and how she got divorced. She didn't spare any details. It was pretty funny. At the time, it seemed normal. However, after a couple of days it struck me as being a bit odd.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Day of Chill

I'm up here at the cafe. I slept a ton again. I've been sleeping too much, but hey... I don't really care about that. I woke up and took a shower. By this time half of the day was done. What am I doing? I sometimes waste a ton of time in life. I want to chill during vacation, but I feel guilty for it. Not sure why. Coming to the cafe is pretty chill for me, but sometimes it gets boring. Despite all of this, I'm not bored. I feel like there are 1,00,000 things to do and no time to do it. I'm supposed to meet up with an old friend tonight. Who knows how that will go?? It could be pretty weird. More chilling out doing nothing. I feel like I need to accomplish something important or noteworthy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Funny Day---No More Blues

I had a pretty awesome day. Even the disagreeable things was funny. I had the chance to sleep a lot in the morning. I loved that. I woke up and drove to Southgate to drop $700 on my gym membership for the year. I had a Powerhouse membership, but it sucked. It was $9/month, but it was not worth it. The people were crazy in there. I can't exactly explain it, but they's many a stupid/odd comment over there. I'd rather not be around people crazier than me. I worked out with a few friends who thought it was wise to punch the hell out of my stomach. It is my belief that my stomach muscles aren't sore, but my skin. Then, I was kicked and finally kneed in the stomach. What was I thinking? Now it is really funny!! What??? Then I drove to get my mom to drop $800 on a treadmill. Her doc. said that she must walk every day. Maybe I'll run on it too. Who knows?? Then I drove to Best Buy and dropped $700 on an oven. Arrrr.... My mom is going to slowly repay me....maybe. To be honest, it don't really matter much. I would have rather put the money towards my dumb loan. Now, I'm at the cafe that I really love. It is like home. I just chill and write. I hope that my Unity Group tonight will be as fun/funny as the rest of the day was. In fact, not too much today was really special, but it was great anyway!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Christmas Blues

I get so excited about Christmas that after it is over I always feel a bit of of blues. Everything is so busy and exciting before Christmas and then everything ends abruptly. Done! I don't care at all about New Year's Day. Don't care!! Not sure why people care so much. It does nothing for me. As I've said, I've not been nearly as busy as I once was. They even cut my hours at the donut shop. I called the boss and she explained that she had to cut hours and that she couldn't justify cutting other people's hours since it is their only source of income. What? I've been a workin' there for 10ish years. Whatever! I ain't gonna starve. I know that. I just get worried how I'm going to pay my dumb student loan off. It kills me to pay it. It's so annoying when you have to pay so much money to learn something and then 10 years after, you still gotta pay that plus interest. It sucks.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Matter What!

So, I complain about working too much. The only problem is that now I am not hardly working at all. I only work at Timmys 2 days a week which means that I am not working at all. I mainly mess around while I'm there. Yeah, I serve the donuts, but I also do nothing while I'm not serving donuts. I don't go back to WC3 til Jan. 20th. Now... that's a long vacation. I go back to HFCC on the 6th or so of Jan., so I got 1 more week to do nothing. I say that I'm doing nothing, but I end up doing all kinds of crazy things. For example, I have to buy a stove and a treadmill on Monday. This means that I'll be a drivin' 'round town for hours trying to save a buck or two. There are also many other things that I have been wanting to do. I always have an unwritten list of 20 or more things that could be done. I just don't do them no matter how busy or bored I am. Now that I'm not working, I don't have money to do stuff. I'm not sure what I'd do anyway. I don't think it matters either way.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Book and Other Stuff

I want to write a book about something interesting. Of course, it is going to be about something that most of you don't really care about. I would like to have a book signing. Wouldn't it be cool if I made a bunch of money off of something you all bother me about and I don't have to work 5 jobs. My friend Tom was encouraging me to write a book about something hillbilly. Not sure why... Maybe I can quit one of my jobs.

I've discovered a new place in town. It's a little cafe in Dearborn Heights. It has free Internet, so I go there and eat a sub while I write my little blog. I guess that might could be where I write my book. LOL!!

I got an email from some random person in Mexico. I guess he found my email online somewhere. He wanted me to find him a job teaching in a school or univeristy in Canada. I guess the Mexicans know that I am from Canada too. LOL!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Joy

Well, I woke up at 10ish and decided to take a shower and take me back to bed. I slept til' 2. I didn't want to do anything other than sleep. This is good, because I had to have a lot of energy to do all that was in line for me to do. I drove to my mom's friend's house where I chatted with a cousin in Cyprus. I know his dad, but I've never met him. As I was chatting on Facebook with him, I started to feelin' real hungry. Man! I made me a plate and sit down and scarfed down a huge plate of really really good food. You have to understand how good this food was. It was better than the Thanksgiving food that I had at the American Legion. Someone made mention of how much turkey I ate then, but I tried to eat at least as much today. After the awesome meal, I played a game called "Apples to Apples". You get a category card and the others have to choose from one of their 7 cards which one most closely matches the category card. You have to undertand that I was playing with two people who couldn't read that well at all and an old blind woman. I can't express how funny it was. I laughed my ass off many a time! After all of that I happened in at a friend's house for a quick "Merry Christmas" and then dropped my mom off. I then decided that I must write all of this down before I forget how funny it was, so I drove to Tom's house to write this blog. Let's not forget that yesterday was also filled with joy!! I visited my great-aunt and great-uncle. They were very awesome. I'm always worried that they might not be here next Christmas. I recorded a little video of each of them. If I can figure it out, I'll post it on here so everyone can see how awesome they are. My crazy mom was also very funny.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is AWESOME!!!

It ain't even Christmas yet and I've had an awesome one. I woke up and took my mom to see her heart doctor. He told her that everything is going well, but she should check back in if her arms and legs keeps a hurtin'. I tried to tell her that she's stressed. We went to a very cool X-mas breakfast with a ton of people from church. More people should do this sort of thing. It was good stuff. I never knew that I like turkey bacon. I knew that I don't like hog back bacon. It is nasty. After that we went to a friend's house where we had Christmas for a couple people who go to my church. I guess their mom is in bad shape, so a bunch of us went in on getting them some gifts. They've never had such a thing, so it was cool to see the 9 year old open his stuff. He wanted so bad to keep the really big pants that he got. He kept telling us that they fit. He was just so happy to get new stuff. It was awesome. Again, another thing that more people should do. In fact, I think that people should do all of the stuff I did today more. After that I went on a mission to get my uncle some 'backer. We went to a 'backer shop that didn't have any chew. I know that my uncle gets really excited when we give him chew. However, he had to settle for another kind. We took him his stuff and also gave my aunt her gift. I promise that they were as excited as the kids. She run off to put on her sweater and kept it on the whole time. It is awesome when people get excited about gifts. Most of us have so much stuff that we are just like... oh... another thing to pile in the junk room. I look forward to seeing what other awesome things will happen tonight and on Christmas day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There is so much to say today. First, there's a lot of heart around. I'm not too sure it is love, but there is really a bit more heart going around during Christmas. Some claim that it is the holidays that brings the cheer. What drives people to be so giving during this time of the year? I don't think that it is Kwanza. I have never met a single person who's admitted to celebrating it. I hear they give gifts, but since not too many people "celebrate" it, not too much giving is going on. Then there is the Muslim holiday Eid. I'm not too sure how to spell it. Sure, some families give gifts to each other, but I've never heard of giving random gifts to needy people. I'm sure that it happens, but it certainly isn't a theme of that particular holiday. However, Christmas is about the birth of a single person who gave nothing material to any of us. In fact, people give stuff to him. Now, we all give stuff to each other. What? This is odd. There obviously is much more to it. I think that more people need to recognize that the whole reason we give gifts is becuase of what Jesus has done in us and through us by the work that he accomplished. I've seen so much giving to people who really need it this year. Perhaps it's becuase the less we have, the more we see what we really need to do or not do.

One of the students for the youth ministry that I help out at is going through hard times. His mom is not going to recover from the strokes and heart attacks that she's had. My mom just had her heart fixed. We all have some sort of heart problem. My problem is that I worry too much about the physical health of my heart. What's your take on all of this?

Monday, December 22, 2008


I took my mom to the hospital today to get her heart opened up. I drove to Harper Hospital at 1:30 pm. My mom was supposed to check in at 3, but they took her early. They gave her a room and then called her down to get her ready. After 6 1/2 hours, they took her in and did whatever they ended up doing. I guess they opened a part of her heart that was 99% blocked. How in the heck did she not have a heart attack? I have no idea. Blocked is blocked. Try and walk through a doorway that is 99% blocked. You will ram your head into the wall. So, she's there until noon. I'll be back in 12 hours to bring her home.

I made a lot of observations while I was at the hospital. All I had to do is watch what everyone was doing. If you ever get bored, you should stop by a hospital and stick around. I'll just let you know about two little things that I noticed. First, there was this guy next to us who couldn't speak a word of English. His son was there and had to translate for him. The poor old guy was so tall and skinny. I guess his son was woke up at 2am and he spent half of the day finding his dad at various regional hospitals. You might ask, how do I know this. Well, we were in the same prep. room for 6 hours. I didn't say anything to anyone other than my mom and her friend. After my mom came out of her procedure, I headed back to see her. I stepped out in the hall for a second and read a poster. For some reason the son of the guy came and stood next to me and read the poster next to the one I was reading. It was sort of weird, so I felt that I had to say something. I just said, "How are you?" That's it! We both went back into the room to be with our family members. Within 10 minutes, the son of that old guy was talking to my mom's friend NON-STOP!! I was there too, so I joined in the conversation. So, what's the point of this? People are generally desperate to talk to anyone who will listen when they are going through bad times.

The second thing is that random people are always watching. I was super hungry. My mom's friend brought me a Subway sandwich. I took it to the waiting room and ate it. I started out by eating half. I tried to only eat half. After 3 more minutes, I ate the rest of the sandwich. About one hour after that, I went to Wendy's at the hospital to pass some time. I got a mini-frosty and a pop. Some random guy said, "Slow down man, you can't be eating again. I saw you eat that sub in the waiting room." LOL!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hillbillies on the History Channel

So, I went over my friend's house to watch a show on the History channel. It was two hours long. There were about 5 parts to it. I have to say that it bothered me more than I can say. It was called, "The True Story"! Man... was it a lie. First of all, there was a huge focus on the history which was ok. The next 3 parts were about moonshiners, snake churches and Nascar. I have no idea what the heck these people were thinking. Talk about a bunch of stupid stuff and a good way to promote the general thinking in America that hillbillies are a bunch of stupid idiots. I suppose the part that made me the most mad was when they subtitled people talking like it was some sort of foreign language. I want to write to them and let them know that it was terrible to focus so much on such meaningless stuff. Yeah... some people drink moonshine and even fewer have been to a snakehandling church. They left out so many cool things. Very little was said about music, dance, handcrafting or 100s of other cool things. So, be sure not to believe the History channel about anything. They tell us that Jesus never lived and that hillbillies are just crazy backwoods people. Trust me, the thousands of people who came from Ireland, Scotland and Germany who ran away from the English and the American government have much more in their culture than those few meaningless things.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Warm Ears

I'd like to think that I have warm ears not only when I'm out in the snow, but when I'm listening to people. I know I'm not good at it. I'm clearly a talker. I'll talk to anyone who will listen. I don't care if they are interested in whatever I'm talking about. I just talk. Part of the problem is that I think that I'd like to talk to people about things that I don't care about, but I usually know nothing about whatever is being talked about. About half of my friends love video games. I used to when I was 10, but I no longer care at all. It sounds like a different language when they start talking about it. I couldn't join in if I tried.

I did the snow today in three shifts. My ears were on fire by the time I finished. I can't shovel when there's something on my head or ears. I've been done for 1 hours and I can still feel a slight burn. For some reason, I enjoy that feeling. It reminds me of when I used to be on the ski team in high school. I run into a tree one time, and that was the last time I went to the hill. The snow still reminds me of my aunt. We used to play in the snow all of the time when I was little. When I got older, we would take shifts working when it snowed a lot. Sometimes, when it snowed all day, we'd make a whole day of clearing the sidewalks together. Not sure why, but I enjoyed it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

I have to say that last night was a very calm and peaceful experience. I still can't believe that I wasn't really sad. I started to feel guilty for it, but then I realized that there's no reason to be upset that I'm content with the fact that she's no longer in pain. After all, it would be the opposite of faith to deny it. I made the difficult decision to not attend my aunt's funeral service this morning. I spent many many hours/days/months with her. I can remember her being so exicited about snow. She took her out walkin to the store and listened to her feet crunch under the snow every chance she had. The corner store was the perfect distance for her to get out and be away from my grandparents. I know that there's a huge storm that's gonna blow through tonight. I know that she would be so excited to have a big snow storm. I guess I am too. There's nothing like a good weather event. So anyway..., I felt no need to attend the funeral. I made the difficult countercultural decision, but that's what I felt was best.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Want to Run No More

Part One:
I wish there was a place here on this wonderful planet where we could not have problems. Lord knows, I have a ton of problems. I guess the biggest one today is the death of my aunt. There is not a single thing I can do about it. In fact, at the point where she was, I wouldn't want to change that either. So, either way I face a problem. Either way, I can't control a single thing. The next problem is going to the funeral home. I usually don't hate it as much as other people, but in this case, I hate even the thought of it more than anyone could imagine. So many people in my family will be there. Mainly my pere. He and his bimbo wife just say and do the sickest worst things one could think of. I'm only going for a short time. I just know that as soon as I see them, I'll want to run.

Part Two:
So, it is over. I went to the funeral home. Of course, there was the regular situation. I walked in and went directly to view my aunt. This is the first time in my life that I was not the least bit sad at the funeral home. Don't get me wrong, I will miss her a ton, but she wasn't there to go and see. I had already rationalized that. It was only weird when my dad's wife felt the need to come up to me and ask if she could talk to me. I was able to simply say, "I'm not interested." Of course, my dad had nothing to say to me. So be it! I am so pleased that I was able to not be angry at her while simply telling her the way I felt. I was quickly told by a few people that I just spoke my peace and that's it. All in all, there was no drama. Very good news. It is sad when the worst thing about a funeral isn't having lost someone, but the crazy people who are still alive!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So my Aunt Linda died. I found out about it when I rolled over in the morning and looked at my cell. My sister decided that it was wise to let me know about it that way. I expected it, but I was still a bit shocked. I guess there is no real way to be ready to not have an important person with you. I was unable to fall back asleep after about 1 hour. I just kept telling myself that it was out of my control. Why did my sister feel the need to text me? Odd! After spending the day doing whatever, I thought that it was a good idea to tell my mom's brothers and sisters since they have known her for 30+ years. My mom told her brother and he was weird and hung up on her. Why? What is wrong with people? Not to mention that my dad didn't tell me that his sister died. Why? I have no idea what is wrong with people. The positive in all of this is that my aunt was in a terrible condition after having broke her back after a fall. She was in pain and couldn't do anything. She just laid there for 60 days. I done my part in her life.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays... NOT!!

I ate at Big Boy's today with my mom. Yes, I ate and it was good. While we were there she told me that it was cool how they had all of the windas painted up for Christmas. We ate fast and then we got our bill. On the back, the waitress had wrote "HAPPY HOLIDAYS". My mom asked what it said and I told her. She felt the need to march up to the cashier and proceed to tell her that "They ain't nothin' happy 'bout the season without Christ" and "If you gonna have workers wear Santa hats and have a Christmas tree you oughta not write offensive stuff on the back of the checks"!! The lady just looked at her like she was nuts. So, the saga of Big Boy's continues this week. It really is the life and times of a professor. LOL!

In other news...., I bought stuff for Christmas even though I didn't want to spend money on people who don't need stuff. I seen some stuff at the store that was cool for certain funny little 'ns, so I had to buy it. Yeah, they don't need it, but they will be funny when they open their gifts. There's a part of me that feels guilty for buying pointless gifts for people, but at the same time I want to buy them stuff. My mom also insisted on buying me a new jacket. So now, I have two coats and two jackets. I tried to explain to her that I don't need more than one and she then told me that she might die soon, and she wants to buy me stuff. The ironic thing is that I'll end up paying for it anyways. When the bills come and she can't pay them, I'll pay for it. So, not only did I buy other people stuff that they don't need, I bought myself stuff indirectly. Arrrr.

In passing I heard that my former youth pastor had someone I know make a anti-Santa video to play for adults at his church. I guess he wants to convince his 'followers' that Santa ain't there. What the heck? There are so many other worthy things to talk about during this season at church other than Santa! One of my friends told me that Santa reminds her of Jesus because he gives stuff to people who don't deserve it..... just because they asked. I thought that it was awesome. So, if you wanna waste time at church learning about Santa, go to the unnamed church. That's time that they could be talking about Jesus that is gone.

In other news... the only one of my aunts that I was close with is dying. I guess my brother-in-law went to see her. He asked about her and he was told that he wasn't on the "list", so he went to my dad's house to b**ch him out. They ain't no shame or guilt here. I've spent my share of time with her and done my part. It's too bad that people have to be so odd at the worst times in people's lives.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Boy Has Good Eats

Well, some think that Big Boy is honky/white-trash, but I think it is very good. I have to remind some of you that I only eat spaghetti there. I love it. I had a wonderful trashy experience there tonight. I had a couple of plates of the tasty spaghetti while my friend had some veggie soup. I was so hungry that I was hardly able to wait for my plate to come. My friend was a bit upset that I did not want to go to a bar so he snuck him in two beers. He then drunk a glass of water and asked for another glass of water. The waitress brought him his new glass and he proceeded to pour him a beer. He wrapped a napkin around the cup. He hid the glass behind the huge menu with a hot-fudge ice cream cake picture on it. It was pretty funny. The crazy thing is that I was hardly uncomfortable with the situation at all. They never knew. Ahhh. He made mention that he'd never think that a hillybilly would do such a thing, but he proudly said that he's trashy and he don't give a f***. Ahh. Funny times!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Why do I work so much?

I have to admit that I try and work a lot. I am a very driven person. I feel that I have to do well at everything, or I am simply not too happy with myself. When I was in school, (for 10 years) I had to get an "A" in every class. When I missed even one point, I'd start to thinking that I hadn't studied enough. Oh wait, I hardly ever studied cuz I was working all of the time to pay all of the bills while earning less than $9 an hour. It does not make sense that I can now have five jobs and not go crazy. How do I not forget where I am supposed to be driving when I wake up in the morning? I can just imagine getting to HFCC in my donut suit. LOL! Sometimes/most of the time, it annoys me that I do not have one good job. I forget that I have 4 teaching jobs and one donut one. I am making enough money to do well except for the fact that I borrowed so much money in order to study in the first place. I've decided that since my teaching jobs are over for several weeks that I will force myself to only work two days a week at the donut palace. I will not allow myself to waste my life working and not doing the things that I want to do. But.... at the same time, I do want to work. So, I'll spend time thinking about turnips, hard candy, reading, running and laughing rather than donuts and aliens.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh wow it is still there

Do you ever think something is gone? But hey, it just lurks and comes out to get you. Sometimes it is people, problems or situations. Just wondering..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Cookies & One Continent

I have a book called "Two Continents & One Culture" sent to me through inter-library loan. It's about the Scots-Irish in Appalachia. So as you might already know.., it is exactly the lame stuff I like to read. Well anyway.. I have not had the chance to thumb through it too much except to look at the cool pictures inside of log-cabin churches in the mountains. Well, you might be thinking about how this has anything to do with cookies. I was at Taco Bell with a bunch of friends who reminded me of my Christmas party three years ago. I had prepared some sugar cookies with my mom. You have to understand that these cookies are the one thing that most reminds me of Christmas food. They are so crisp and they crunch in your mouth. Man.. they are awesome. I suggested that some of my friends try the cookies and they each tried and laughed. They said that there was no sugar in the sugar cookies. I was unable to accept that they did not taste wonderful. After much bothering from my friends I've grown to laugh at the fact that I enjoy such a sugarless sugar cookie. Have you ever heard of a biscuit? Well, that is what they call cookies in the British Isles. Somehow, my family has preserved the tradition of those ole' so special cookies. Perhaps this year, I'll muster enough energy to bake these awesome cookies again. I would never want this awesome tradition to die even though my friends hate my favorite treat!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 and crazy shopping

So, I just finished checking my friend's paper. He showed me this video on youtube. I highly recommend that you watch it. I almost fell on the ground laughing. LOL! I hope you enjoy it. This just came up and I wanted to share it with you. However, I've wanted to also share my feelings about the poor part-time worker that was killed by nutty shoppers. Okay.... here's how it went down. First people decided to wait in line outside a store all night. Then they got really excited to get a deal in the morning, so they broke down the WalMart doors and walked over the worker. WTF? What is wrong with people? It was group mentality that drove people to crush him. What's wrong with people? Were they expecting to save $1.99 on a fork or $100 on a stupid TV? I can't stop thinking about this. I was driving to work today. It's a long drive, so I got to thinking about it. I was listening to Christmas music. All of the words were about Jesus and none of the words were about buying stuff. I decided that I will not buy anything for anyone unless it is something that they need. Isn't that what we should do? So anyways... what do you think about this?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time's a Comin'!

No for real! I love that song. I'm sorry if you don't know it. But beyond the song, there are lots of other things I love about Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year. I could just sit at home and do nothing and it was still rock. In fact, that's what I did in Korea. I didn't have a day off for Christmas in Korea because it fell on a Saturday. I do know one thing. I still enjoyed the day. I sat there and ate cookies that were mailed from home and listened to online radio. I called home, but it was only Christmas Eve so that wasn't that cool. I have no idea what this Christmas will bring. Since my mom is having stuff done to her heart again a week before Christmas, I'll likely be doing similar things to what I done in Korea. So Christmas is going to have be more than one day this year. I've decided to celebrate for a bit longer this year. In fact, I've already started. I'm one of those annoying people who listen to a Christmas cd in the middle of the summer just because "Away in a Manger" is one of my other favorite songs.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Cold Hard Facts of Life

So.., many of my friends have asked me to do this blog. I do have a lot of really funny stuff to share. Well, at least I think so. I hope you enjoy my music too.  I've chosen music that reminds me of either my family or myself in some way.  The title of my blog is "The Cold Hard Facts of Life". I hope to be able to share whatever is going on in my life. I started reading some of my friends' blogs and I must say that some of them make me really laugh. I also enjoyed having read some of the comments. So..., leave funny/interesting comments on my page too.  Just so you know, I may not post every day. I will post stuff as much as possible and/or as much as there are interesting things to post. Enjoy!