Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Pictures

Search this title and you can see all types of sweet pictures of my future home. Some teacher took these pictures when he was there. I wonder if he is still there. I guess lots of people traver to this spot to take some sweet pictures, hunt and fish. I suppose that I'm a gonna know each and every one of the 2,500 people after a few months. I will likely work with half of them in some way, so that leaves just the other half for me to find and get to know.

Friday, May 29, 2009

8 Years Ago

Eight years ago, I was certainly at a different place in life. I know that everybody was also at a different place in life. I been a thinkin' about all this and all of that. I guess what's crazy is that I could have never predicted what I would have done. 8 years ago was different. I thought different about nearly everything. I wonder if I'll think differently in 8 more years. You might could ask....., "Why is 8 so important today?"

Last Wednesday I went to a church gathering at a pretty huge church with a friend. I mostly like it besides the fact that during prayer they mumble in some unknown language in my ear. Not really, but it sounds like a low rolling mess of random sounds. I guess everyone speaks a different language when they get into it. I put up with it since it only lasts about 4 minutes out of the entire time I'm there. 8 years ago, I would have never enjoyed it based on the 4 minutes of lameness.

After the group, I decided to go down and see the youth area with my friend just for laughs. It was funny to see hundreds of funny kids running around doing random stuff. They had tons of different stuff for them to do. I guess it is possible when you have a huge building with lots of kids and lots of adults to lead stuff to get cool stuff going for the kids. 8 years ago, I would have called it chaos, but today I just trust that God is in control of the randomness that I seen.

I walked into the skate area and some guy came up to me and shook my name as if he knew me. To be honest, I hadn't a clue who he was. Finally he said, "You don't even know who I am!" What is funny is I didn't until I heard his voice. I am better at remembering people's voice than their face or whatever. Luckily he give me a second to process and I was like, "Yeah, I know you. I used to talk to you about God at the gym." Some of you may remember a long time ago when I used to tell you about when people would ask me questions out to the blue about Jesus. Well, this guy was pretty curious about Jesus. Actually I was a bit annoyed when he would talk to me. I felt obligated to talk to him because it was what I thought I was supposed to do. That was 8 years ago. We must have talked for 4 or 5 hours total over a long period of time. Since then he has decided to follow Jesus and he leads the skate ministry. 8 years ago I would have never dreamt that it would happen. I was shocked that he wasn't just attending but leading 8 years after our last conversation. I guess the moral of the story you never know what a conversation is going to lead to 8 years in the future. 8 years ago I never had perspective on that sort of stuff.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun or Lame

Why do I see things as A or B? An idea is lame or awesome and I see no central ground. For example, hillbilly music is just great while some other kinds are just like a turd dropped from a bird and landed on my head. Music that I sorta like is mostly bad with just a hint of something good. I feel the same way about TV and movies.

I also feel this way about certain people. However, these people will be great one day and then dumb the next. People are never in between either. I either think, heck yes! or hell no! to the idea of spending an extended period of time with whoever. I need to traver to the center a bit on stuff. Some things may not be discussed. I am pro-life and killing a baby is never okay. Sorry on that one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Store Crap

I've had a stupid experience with I suppose that since it says in fine print that I can't complain until the 22nd of May about the order that I placed 2 weeks ago, I should not write this. But.... why does it take so long to get a stupid book. Besides, I was dumb and give them 10ish dollars for the same book that others in my small group paid $5 for. Arrr. I wonder if I'll get this book in time to use it at all for the small group. It is quite the awesome small group. It ain't really small with 20ish people that's been coming. Anyway, it is sweet.

My crazy mom has decided that she needs a shed to store her crap. Why does she need this thing? It allows her to accumulate more stuff that she don't need. She has decided to call people to lay the foundation or everwhat needs to be done to get one. Storing stuff is useless unless you use it. (funny sentence)

I also want to go to buy my stuff for Alaska. I want super sweet balled out cold weather gear. I guess that they approved my contract, so that rocks. Perhaps, I'm gonna get me a snowsuit unlike all others and take me out a walkin just to find out that my snowsuit ain't what I thought it was. I will die from the cold when I walk outside of the nights all alone. No, a pack of wolfs might surround me and eat me. I heard from Zombie that a walrus might stick its tusk into my head and kill me. Who knows what might happen. It will indeed be sweet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I went to visit my mom's aunt the other day. Holy crap it is funny. First off....., my mom says and does stuff to me while we are there and my aunt tells her to leave me alone. I almost think that she does it just to get a reaction out of my aunt. Beyond that we seen a fire wagon which made my aunt very curious in the honking and loud horns as it drove past.

Yesterday at Timmys was interesting. The guy who has clown hair has become not so evil and rude at work. I guess since everyone has been a preachin' at him about Jesus he has had a bit of a change of heart. He ain't pissed anymore when people talk about Jesus. I guess the 'guy with clown hair' might go to a co-workers college group at his church. He was going to go to his church and since they ramble and run the aisles, I suggested that it might not be a good idea. My co-worker agreed and laughed so he told him to go to the group rather than the funny church service. I just imagine the co-worker going to the service with a clown horn and honking it during the 2 1/2 hour praise and worship service. That would still make me super happy for him.

My mom is downtown with the honkeys at the Hoedown. She called me yesterday and asked me if she could drive her-own-self down there with her drunken friends. I said no. LOL. I bet she'll have fun. I knew she'd find her a ride. I thought of going, but the thought of a ton of dumb drunk people was not what I had in mind for tonight. Perhaps I'll do nothing, but that will be better than putting up with all of them people honkin' around.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can't Believe I Feel This Way (good and bad)

I just went to the gym and I feel like I got the cold or something bad. My head was not feeling well at all. I done what I usually do but this time I felt as if I was a gonna die. I swear. I was told that I don't drink enough water, but I drink the same amount of water every day when I go to the gym. The Red One had to say how he knows all, so I just said whatever. If that was the case, I would feel as bad as I did every time.

I was delighted that my mom is not able to drive today. I give her my keys and she drove which made her so happy. She ain't drove in 6 years since she went to drinkin' one night and run into someone's car at a gas station. I know that she won't be so stir crazy when I leave. I know for one that I'm a leavin' and that is very cool.

Lastly, despite some not so great times at my small group in the past, the recent weeks have been beyond awesome. There are some new people who actually talk and are really in to it. There's this new believer who is so into food and Jesus. It makes me happy and excited, but I still laugh at the same time. It is so interesting how someone can find Christ because of food. I guess whatever works. Anyhow, I love the group now just in time to start to thinkin' about leaving.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Work

My life has revolved around work for some time now. It used to be school and I am super happy that it ain't the way I'm a rollin' no more. I'm about to take my final exam for my Spanish 101 class that I took for 'fun'. It was not what I thought it would be. I'll be there in 50 minutes takin' my last test for a long time.

I done all that I thought I could do to have me a bit of a break before I go to Alaska. However, they's so much stuff that keeps a creepin' up on me. I got offered 2 French classes for WC3, and it was nearly impossible to turn down such a fun class. I work a whole 2 hours a day and get some fat money, so I took it. Now I'll have these 2 classes plus the donut shop plus the weekend job in July to fit in as I record for my book. Arrr. I wanted a break. I do believe that working is borned in me to the point of insanity. If I ain't a workin', I look for work which equals the same thing minus the money.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Abode is Baller in AK

I got my house settled in AK. It is super cool. I looked it up online and it is SWEET. It is directly next to my school and is out of control balled out. I talked to the owner today on the phone and I give him my card info and such. He told me to call him when I arrive and he'll come and pick me up at the airport. I was sorta shocked that it would be that awesome. Everything is included in the package. Well, food ain't but I can figure that out when I get there.

The Thai Inn will be my new home. What the heck? I guess the principal lived there 'til not too long ago. He musta been making close to 100,000 bones to chill in the awesome abode where I'll be livin'. I might could go out of my mind while I'm there, but I'm sure that it is very beautiful and going to be set up for me at the start. I'll be able to sit back and chill at home and perhaps write my book. Perhaps I'll find me an Inuit chick and life will be dandy.

I've got just 2 more days of 2 of my old 5 jobs. How cool is that? I have to write them letters to say that I'm a leavin' on a jet plane and all was wonderful when I worked for them. LOL!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Empty Envelope

I got home and noticed a ton of mail hanging out of the mailbox. I walked up the door and got it out of the mailbox. They's a WC3 letter and some junk mail. No matter how much of a hurry I am in, I always open stuff that looks like it MIGHT be important. I was shocked that it was empty. First of all, I ain't never got a letter with nothing in it. I think it symbolizes my feelings toward that place. It was very much just a job. I do not think that any other job has ever been less important to me. I am the kind of person that gets attached to jobs and that place just did nothing for me but pass me some dollars.

I hope that my feelings toward my new job in Alaska will be good after some time. I am really starting with nothing there. I'll have my bag of whatever and that will be it. I have no idea what I'm going to do about a car. This one worries me. I cannot see me a walkin' down the road when it's 20 below zero. That would really suck! I hope I never get an empty envelope from my new job.

This summer promises to be super cool. I have not had a summer off in more than 10 years. It is awesome. I have a few burdens on a few fronts, but that's life. I'll just ball outta control before I go. I'm excited that I'm a leavin and might could not come 'home'. Who knows....?