Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Abode is Baller in AK

I got my house settled in AK. It is super cool. I looked it up online and it is SWEET. It is directly next to my school and is out of control balled out. I talked to the owner today on the phone and I give him my card info and such. He told me to call him when I arrive and he'll come and pick me up at the airport. I was sorta shocked that it would be that awesome. Everything is included in the package. Well, food ain't but I can figure that out when I get there.

The Thai Inn will be my new home. What the heck? I guess the principal lived there 'til not too long ago. He musta been making close to 100,000 bones to chill in the awesome abode where I'll be livin'. I might could go out of my mind while I'm there, but I'm sure that it is very beautiful and going to be set up for me at the start. I'll be able to sit back and chill at home and perhaps write my book. Perhaps I'll find me an Inuit chick and life will be dandy.

I've got just 2 more days of 2 of my old 5 jobs. How cool is that? I have to write them letters to say that I'm a leavin' on a jet plane and all was wonderful when I worked for them. LOL!

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