Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can't Believe I Feel This Way (good and bad)

I just went to the gym and I feel like I got the cold or something bad. My head was not feeling well at all. I done what I usually do but this time I felt as if I was a gonna die. I swear. I was told that I don't drink enough water, but I drink the same amount of water every day when I go to the gym. The Red One had to say how he knows all, so I just said whatever. If that was the case, I would feel as bad as I did every time.

I was delighted that my mom is not able to drive today. I give her my keys and she drove which made her so happy. She ain't drove in 6 years since she went to drinkin' one night and run into someone's car at a gas station. I know that she won't be so stir crazy when I leave. I know for one that I'm a leavin' and that is very cool.

Lastly, despite some not so great times at my small group in the past, the recent weeks have been beyond awesome. There are some new people who actually talk and are really in to it. There's this new believer who is so into food and Jesus. It makes me happy and excited, but I still laugh at the same time. It is so interesting how someone can find Christ because of food. I guess whatever works. Anyhow, I love the group now just in time to start to thinkin' about leaving.


KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

Well if Food=Christ, there might be a few less Atheists in the World today. But I do agree, food is definitely the best!

Also; I had forgotten that you were in Korea for a time, but that is really cool!

I want to visit Japan at some point myself.

I hope your feeling better soon!

The Red One said...

Quit Ray-A-Phrasing!

K-Dogg said...

you funny! as you could go a day without laughing.

Zombie said...

Doesn't suck anymore?

High on the Hog said...

Nope, and we are done with the lame book. I like the book we are doing now. Could that be why there are 3x as many people at the group now??