Saturday, May 16, 2009


I went to visit my mom's aunt the other day. Holy crap it is funny. First off....., my mom says and does stuff to me while we are there and my aunt tells her to leave me alone. I almost think that she does it just to get a reaction out of my aunt. Beyond that we seen a fire wagon which made my aunt very curious in the honking and loud horns as it drove past.

Yesterday at Timmys was interesting. The guy who has clown hair has become not so evil and rude at work. I guess since everyone has been a preachin' at him about Jesus he has had a bit of a change of heart. He ain't pissed anymore when people talk about Jesus. I guess the 'guy with clown hair' might go to a co-workers college group at his church. He was going to go to his church and since they ramble and run the aisles, I suggested that it might not be a good idea. My co-worker agreed and laughed so he told him to go to the group rather than the funny church service. I just imagine the co-worker going to the service with a clown horn and honking it during the 2 1/2 hour praise and worship service. That would still make me super happy for him.

My mom is downtown with the honkeys at the Hoedown. She called me yesterday and asked me if she could drive her-own-self down there with her drunken friends. I said no. LOL. I bet she'll have fun. I knew she'd find her a ride. I thought of going, but the thought of a ton of dumb drunk people was not what I had in mind for tonight. Perhaps I'll do nothing, but that will be better than putting up with all of them people honkin' around.

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