Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Living Prayer

I have had a very interesting week.  It is a long weekend, so life is slow yet fast.  They ain't time to count my blessings, but they are a plenty this week despite my actions of selfishness.  I guess that's what happens when you realize what a piece of crap you are while at the same time understanding the opposite. This is the story of my reflections this week.  Just thought I'd share!

The last 2 days of the work week was spent in my chair at work in front of the computer.  I sit there playing on the computer cuz they wadn't anything to do.  It was mid-term week and 'Guest English Teachers' don't do anything.  I was stoked about that.  I've been sick and I've had the cough.  It had been there for 3 weeks, so I begun thinking that it was just how life goes.  I got used to it.  On Friday, I woke up with crusty eyes.  I went off to work and taught a total of one hour because the 2nd grade classes were 'going over the midterms'.  Thankfully, I took myself to the doctor.  I seen two doctors in 1 hour and got my 9 pills.  I was back to work within the hour.  Now that's some serious doctor action.  I have pink eye and 'complications from the flu'.  I had that 3 weeks ago and the leftovers ain't went away.  I guess this is a threat to my life if left unchecked.  3 weeks was long enough.  I give up on the gym which is depressing.  I need to feel better so I can go back.  It makes the week much more enjoyable to be able to take me out a walkin' and stroll off to the gym.  I feel much better now that I've took all of these pills for 1 1/2 days.

Today, I woke up to a slightly crusty eye which was much better than yesterday.  I cleaned my house and took out the trash.  My house is small so it had went to stinkin' again.  Just the slightest amount of food does that here.  I done the laundry to make sure I had a clean pillow case.  In addition, I have a friend coming from the Philippines.  I met him during my two summers of missions training in Florida. Random!  So, I had to clean up my house to some degree.  I had planned to have a mat for him to sleep on, but my friend requested that I return his mat that he dropped off here 5 weeks ago just before his arrival.  That's how my week has went.  So, in 20 minutes he should be here.

Here I sit just a thinkin' about the random day that clearly had the hand of God clearly marking my path in front of me.  I can't outrun Him cuz he's planned everything since before time begun.  What the heck!  Today after cleaning the house a bit, I went to a cafe called 'F-Hole'.  No, I ain't making this up.  A friend who works at the school just up the way on the same street recommended it to me.  I went again today.  I guess the owner is just amazing.  He made every single table, wall and bit of flooring in the whole place.  We can barely talk, but we sit there on google translate and chat it up all the same.  I was told by my friend that the feeling in 'F-Hole' is like home with a twist.  LOL!  I know...sounds nasty right. After two or three visits I understand why.  He asked for some song suggestions for his cafe.  I thought that some Alison Krauss music would add to the folksy feeling he has going on in there.  I told him about the song 'A Living Prayer' and he downloaded it.  I knew he was Christian because some friends had told me already.  He transfered the song to the MP3 player and played it.  As she sung the first two lines he just randomly started to cry as he sit at the computer.  He knows almost no English.  Then he pointed to his arms.  He had the most visible goosebumps I've ever seen.  It was one of those crazy Holy Spirit moments that you could never doubt.  I hadn't even told him what the song was about and he knew almost nothing about me.

After all of that, I met a teacher friend from Scotland.  He's really interesting too.  I guess his mom is in a mental institution and he is one of the only people in his village of 300 that has ever left the country.  He studied theology and became a youth pastor before coming to Korea.  We had some sushi before going back to the cafe for a quick cup of coffee.  Good coffee is hard to come by here.  Most of it is powdered and in a packet. It's not so good.  Then we made the voyage back to my area by way of the underground shopping center that is vastly huge.  After all of that, I'm waiting for a friend to come tonight.  Life just keeps a rollin' along with twists and turns.  Truly a living prayer this week!