Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Salt of the Earth

I was so excited to find salt half off in a buggy. I snatched that up so fast. A thing of salt can be up to $5 here in the cold hard city. I went to makin' soup and I must have poured way too much into my pot. I tasted the soup and it was way past salty. Nasty! Exactly how to I correct this. I added a bunch of water. I will continue adding water to the soup until I am able to scarf it. Sure ain't a gonna be the best batch that I've come up with so far.

Here in the cold hard town, they don't never use salt on the ground. I know that it would cost so much money to ship it here, so that makes plenty of sense. However, you'd think that I would not have to think that I was a gonna take a tumble each and ever time I step outside my work door. I liketa fell 3 times this week. Luckily, I caught my-own-self rather than the ground catching me. LOL! Just put some salt just outside the door and I'd be happy. It ain't even that cold here right now. I know that most of the time it wouldn't do no good, but man..... it's annoying to almost fall of the evening when I walk out the door. I guess living on a salt mine in Detroit is worth something. Cheap salt.

My church here is awesome. We had a community meal last week. They was about 100 people who eat a good ole' Thanksgiving meal last Sunday. It was mighty cool. The food was good and the folks was better. The meal had the right amount of saltiness unlike my soup. The songs had a tint of saltiness as well. I could hear people a singin' off key with the ole' timee feeling filling the room. It was super sweet. How does salty and sweet mix? Ain't sure?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow's a Fallin'

I went and got me a cell phone. I like the fact that I can communicate with the outside world. It was amazing to see how fast the students got cell phones. I think 50% of the students in middle and high school got cell phones within 2 or 3 days. They love texting everyone. It is interesting to see technology in action. It is a real culture changer here. It was tossed on everyone at the same time and it has had a huge impact on many people's daily lives. Very interesting!

I went to a birthday party. I was fun I suppose. They's some cool people and that's what it is all about here. After that we went to the town bar. I had three funny experiences within 1 hour. First, I was asked to play a game of pool. By time I stood up, some random local had give my turn to someone else. I have no idea who it was. I had no interest in being there, so it didn't make no difference to me. Secondly, a middle aged local woman came up to me and introduced herself. She asked my name so I told her. She couldn't hear me, so I repeated myself. We shook hands and I thought it was strange. She went to movin her arm towards me. I figured she was going to shake my hand again. I hadn't a clue. Then she said, I already shook your hand. She lightly swiped my face and moved on. Weird!! Of course, she had been a drinkin'. Whatever. Good times. Thirdly, a guy local come down the steps and blowed smoke in my face. Totally reminds me of my Christmas parties. Good times. I totally enjoyed the situations and appreciated every bit of it. Just classic stuff. I wouldn't have changed a thing about the night. Totally funny.

Then I didn't want a ride from my friends. I figured it would be better to walk. LOL! Man was I wrong. The wind was a blowin' out of control and the wind had whipped every snowflake into my eyes. It was impossible to keep my eyes open. I could feel the snowflakes hitting me in the eyeballs. No joke. It is supposed to only snow 4 inch tonight and that's max! It looks like it's a gonna snow a foot. Who knows? My face was a hurtin' by time I got in the door. It felt HOT in my house when I got in here. I am still glad that my friend didn't give me a ride home. I enjoyed the experience of walking home. Great night and it was cold and hard, but more fun than you'd ever imagine. Good times keep a rollin' in. I'm lovin' it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Very Cold Hard Day

I went to work today as planned. The day was routine except a friend happened to be the sub in a class that had the same prep as me. We went to my house for lunch and eat a random meal. It was so cold, but my friend mentioned that it was 'warmer' than yesterday. I'm sure that it was about 0 both days. I ain't got a clue how people tells the difference between 0 and -10. Nope... no idea. Cold is cold to me. We walked back to school and after 4th hour we both had prep. Well, I didn't do no prep. He had drew me a picture of airplanes cuz he loves airplanes. At the bottom it said, "I done drawed you a plane." or something like that. It was funny cuz he misspelled all of the words. It cracked me up.

After school he drove me to a motel where they were selling cell phones. You have to understand something... it is a big deal to have a cell phone here. It is a bigger deal to text. Rural Alaska is becoming a bit less rural and connected to the rest of the world. It is kind of cool I guess! I was so excited to call people and then my phone died and I was too tired to plug it in. I will worry about that this weekend when I chill out. I ain't done that in too long. I'm a lookin forward to that like nobody knows.

This weekend promises to be fun even if I chill by my-own-self. I will clean and organize for the first time. This is my plan, but I know that it might could not happen. There's a chance that something new and exciting will happen this weekend, but if sitting on the phone laughing with people is all that happens, I'll be very content with that. It is after midnight and I am still on this dumb computer. I must stop writing even thought they's many a thing that needs to be wrote down.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Where in The World

I am here in this tiny town that is currently cold and dark. The sun shone today for long enough to see the clear blue skies and the mountains in the distance. I left work today determined to sleep. I had the worst sore throat one could imagine for the last 2 days. I woke up to the worst scratch feeling a hurtin my throat that I ever felt. I told myself that I will not feel bad today and I popped a pill and had a 'come to Jesus' moment. I hadn't been in that mindset for a while. I got up and realized after 3 hours that it was no longer there. Super sweet.

Where in the world have I let myself drift. I been a driftin' in so many ways. They's crazy things getting in my way. People gets on my nerves from time to time. It is sometimes impossible to do what is right in the eyes of people that wants to do me harm. I learned this on one of my TMI trips. There comes a point when what needs done is what you should do, regardless of everwho's a screamin. It is hard to get back to that point again. The point where you realize that what is best is not what feels right sometimes. Furthermore, what needs to happen for your sanity is going to be in the face of disapproval of some. Anyway, it is good to know I'm in the right. I have a friend who likes to google whatever to prove hisself. I felt that way in times gone by, but now I've done drifted to the right place. I do realize that feelings are also drifting.

They's things that I'd die to share on this here blog. Being in the cold hard town does not permit it. Some things are just so odd or funny. I soak them up. Even the odd things are positive for me. It ain't that the things are good or bad, but being sensitive to everyone is more important than sharing stuff. I keep asking myself where I've drifted. The place that I've drifted isn't nearly as far as where else I've drifted. Thank God that I have amazing people around me. I'd go plumb crazy without 'em.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not to Long to Go, But So Far to Go!

I am so excited to get out of the cold hard town. It ain't like it is a bad place, but they's so many things that gets on my nerves. I must keep my trap closed cuz word travels fast here. Even the good things can't be said without everyone knowing. So, the trap keeps closed for now, but I've got many a story to share when I get to Taylortukey. $80 for 4 bags of groceries topped the list today.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Christmas time's a comin'. I will celebrate Thanksgiving at the yurt with friends which will be amazing. It's fun to sit and chill and not do a whole lot. I guess that's one of the best parts of being in the cold hard town. You can just sit and chill. I never got to do that enough before. There was always the 3-5 jobs, and school that kept me busy all the time. I do not miss not working all the time. Well, I do miss getting paid for all that I did. Many times I work without pay just to keep up with all that the job requires. They ain't enough time in the day to do it all. Just doing the bare essentials requires more time than it should.

All I can say is that I want to go beyond the mountains and see what's beyond the clearing. It is so far off in time, but I like to think of it as not so long from now. The clearing is where I want to be, but the trees keep a gettin' in my way, for I cannot see well.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Annoying Internet and Annoying News

I was chatting away online when facebook told me that it was no longer able to connect. This happens all of the time at home on my personal computer. I ain't sure what is so different between this'n and my work computer. I can't play music on my personal one either. It is so annoying to only have cds. I get so lazy that I keep playing the same ones over and over again.

I love to check the news online. I get to see all different ways that people reports the news. Today a guy shot up a US military base. He was highly educated and had a certain ideology which is well known for hating freedom. I love to see the spin that the media paints. How dumb? Let's face it. He converted to Islam and he hates this country. He likely converted because in part cuz there's plenty of problems with this country. However, why skirt around the main point. He was doing what his religion often teaches. I don't want to hear the BS that it doesn't teach that at times. In many places in the Islamic world, that is the ONLY form of that religion. Here in the US we get a watered down version. What is wrong with sick people that are willing to kill lots of people at one time for a cause? It makes me so angry. First they do it and then the dumb media plays and spins it to be something other than what it is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nap Time

I run out of work today at 3:30. I've seen others a doin' it and I got to thinkin' that I should try it out. I mean, I run. It ain't like I didn't go back, but in the middle I took me a nap. I thought I was gonna take a quick nap. Well, time slipped by and 2 1/2 hours went by. I pulled myself out of bed and went back to work. I wadn't there long, but just long enough to accomplish some tasks. They was the tasks that needed to get done.

Nap time was amazing. I woke up to find out that the GOP had took NJ and ole' Viginiee. No surprise for the second, but the first give me a smile. I don't really matter, but the spending is out of control and maybe they gonna give us a change we truly can believe in. I don't believe in a single thing that Obamer is a doin', so hey... one more thing to smile about. LOL!

Naps can be a total waste of time. I ain't sure if this'n was or not. I do know that I was right tired and I needed to rest. Why do I wanna take me a week long nap? Well, as long as the 'crick don't rise' , I'll be back at it in the morning. Let's see what goes down!

Monday, November 2, 2009

When You Ain't Never Right On

Many decisions in life don't have a clear outcome before you make them. Prediciting what's a gonna happen when you don't people's hearts is right close to impossible. I've found myself going to others who I respect for ideas on what is best. I do believe that they give me good advice. I agree with points that they give and I carry out the plan that they give me. Then, what happens after ain't worth a pile of ole' rocks. I want to do what's right for those around me and for my-own-self, but they's so many variables a floatin' around.

I done my best to do what's best and it ain't never best. That's what I've come to realize this week. I keep a workin' and a doin' what needs done to the best of my ability and things fall into place in everwhich way other than the way I had planned. What is positive about this? Everything!! Even in the trials of life, they's a silver lining a showin' itself. Pain and grief shows us joy and good ole' times.

So, I keep a truckin' along the path of whatever. I go to yurt parties and fly to some random fishing village. I eat moose burgers and finish off jam. I walk in the cold to work and back for lunch and back again. I sing songs of joy and pain in the church house. I laugh until I can't breathe with funny people and I wanna fly farther away just to go no place. Random is the life that I lead these days.