Friday, November 20, 2009

A Very Cold Hard Day

I went to work today as planned. The day was routine except a friend happened to be the sub in a class that had the same prep as me. We went to my house for lunch and eat a random meal. It was so cold, but my friend mentioned that it was 'warmer' than yesterday. I'm sure that it was about 0 both days. I ain't got a clue how people tells the difference between 0 and -10. Nope... no idea. Cold is cold to me. We walked back to school and after 4th hour we both had prep. Well, I didn't do no prep. He had drew me a picture of airplanes cuz he loves airplanes. At the bottom it said, "I done drawed you a plane." or something like that. It was funny cuz he misspelled all of the words. It cracked me up.

After school he drove me to a motel where they were selling cell phones. You have to understand something... it is a big deal to have a cell phone here. It is a bigger deal to text. Rural Alaska is becoming a bit less rural and connected to the rest of the world. It is kind of cool I guess! I was so excited to call people and then my phone died and I was too tired to plug it in. I will worry about that this weekend when I chill out. I ain't done that in too long. I'm a lookin forward to that like nobody knows.

This weekend promises to be fun even if I chill by my-own-self. I will clean and organize for the first time. This is my plan, but I know that it might could not happen. There's a chance that something new and exciting will happen this weekend, but if sitting on the phone laughing with people is all that happens, I'll be very content with that. It is after midnight and I am still on this dumb computer. I must stop writing even thought they's many a thing that needs to be wrote down.

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