Friday, November 13, 2009

Where in The World

I am here in this tiny town that is currently cold and dark. The sun shone today for long enough to see the clear blue skies and the mountains in the distance. I left work today determined to sleep. I had the worst sore throat one could imagine for the last 2 days. I woke up to the worst scratch feeling a hurtin my throat that I ever felt. I told myself that I will not feel bad today and I popped a pill and had a 'come to Jesus' moment. I hadn't been in that mindset for a while. I got up and realized after 3 hours that it was no longer there. Super sweet.

Where in the world have I let myself drift. I been a driftin' in so many ways. They's crazy things getting in my way. People gets on my nerves from time to time. It is sometimes impossible to do what is right in the eyes of people that wants to do me harm. I learned this on one of my TMI trips. There comes a point when what needs done is what you should do, regardless of everwho's a screamin. It is hard to get back to that point again. The point where you realize that what is best is not what feels right sometimes. Furthermore, what needs to happen for your sanity is going to be in the face of disapproval of some. Anyway, it is good to know I'm in the right. I have a friend who likes to google whatever to prove hisself. I felt that way in times gone by, but now I've done drifted to the right place. I do realize that feelings are also drifting.

They's things that I'd die to share on this here blog. Being in the cold hard town does not permit it. Some things are just so odd or funny. I soak them up. Even the odd things are positive for me. It ain't that the things are good or bad, but being sensitive to everyone is more important than sharing stuff. I keep asking myself where I've drifted. The place that I've drifted isn't nearly as far as where else I've drifted. Thank God that I have amazing people around me. I'd go plumb crazy without 'em.


Burkulater said...

is Carmen Sandiego?

Burkulater said...

Keep it vague. No one will ever know what you're talking about.