Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Salt of the Earth

I was so excited to find salt half off in a buggy. I snatched that up so fast. A thing of salt can be up to $5 here in the cold hard city. I went to makin' soup and I must have poured way too much into my pot. I tasted the soup and it was way past salty. Nasty! Exactly how to I correct this. I added a bunch of water. I will continue adding water to the soup until I am able to scarf it. Sure ain't a gonna be the best batch that I've come up with so far.

Here in the cold hard town, they don't never use salt on the ground. I know that it would cost so much money to ship it here, so that makes plenty of sense. However, you'd think that I would not have to think that I was a gonna take a tumble each and ever time I step outside my work door. I liketa fell 3 times this week. Luckily, I caught my-own-self rather than the ground catching me. LOL! Just put some salt just outside the door and I'd be happy. It ain't even that cold here right now. I know that most of the time it wouldn't do no good, but man..... it's annoying to almost fall of the evening when I walk out the door. I guess living on a salt mine in Detroit is worth something. Cheap salt.

My church here is awesome. We had a community meal last week. They was about 100 people who eat a good ole' Thanksgiving meal last Sunday. It was mighty cool. The food was good and the folks was better. The meal had the right amount of saltiness unlike my soup. The songs had a tint of saltiness as well. I could hear people a singin' off key with the ole' timee feeling filling the room. It was super sweet. How does salty and sweet mix? Ain't sure?

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Burkulater said...

That song drives me nuts.