Monday, November 2, 2009

When You Ain't Never Right On

Many decisions in life don't have a clear outcome before you make them. Prediciting what's a gonna happen when you don't people's hearts is right close to impossible. I've found myself going to others who I respect for ideas on what is best. I do believe that they give me good advice. I agree with points that they give and I carry out the plan that they give me. Then, what happens after ain't worth a pile of ole' rocks. I want to do what's right for those around me and for my-own-self, but they's so many variables a floatin' around.

I done my best to do what's best and it ain't never best. That's what I've come to realize this week. I keep a workin' and a doin' what needs done to the best of my ability and things fall into place in everwhich way other than the way I had planned. What is positive about this? Everything!! Even in the trials of life, they's a silver lining a showin' itself. Pain and grief shows us joy and good ole' times.

So, I keep a truckin' along the path of whatever. I go to yurt parties and fly to some random fishing village. I eat moose burgers and finish off jam. I walk in the cold to work and back for lunch and back again. I sing songs of joy and pain in the church house. I laugh until I can't breathe with funny people and I wanna fly farther away just to go no place. Random is the life that I lead these days.

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Burkulater said...

I would ask yourself, "What would Dolly do?"