Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Sleeps-Winter Keeps

I woke up today at 9:30 am and decided that I needed more sleep. So, last night I slept double what I normally sleep during the week. They's so much that needs done around here. There's just no time. I need to figure out how the heck I can get out of here for summer. Michigan has the 'dog days of summer' and they got the 'dog days of winter here'. It is a cold hard fact!

Yesterday I went to the youth center. They wadn't but 5 students who showed cuz almost the entire town was at the high school for wrestling. We all left together to go up to the school and watch a few matches. There were teams from random villages and others from towns of 2,000 or so people from all over Alaska. As I was walking out to go home, I seen two kids walk out into 15 degrees without a jacket. They stood outside in the wind wearing T-shirts. I asked them, "What's wrong with you?" One said, "I'm from India, so I don't know." The other one said, "This is warm compared to Nome." Anyway, I had two coats on and I liketa froze.

So, here I sit on a cold hard Saturday. I ain't a thinkin' about much butcept what needs done and I don't want to do none of it. My school computer is home with me, so I can listen to online classic country. This makes me very happy. I was once happy about Sirius on my TV, but the tiny speakers can't play the songs loud enough for me to hear the songs in the kitchen. Winter keeps a movin' toward me and summer is around the corner in my mind.

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