Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not Sure

I am not sure what I am doing.  Another weekend has come and went just like that.  I sit here amazed at all of the cool stuff that has happened in just a short time, but then again so much remains uncertain.  What is that? I don't know.

Friday was interesting.  It was a friend's birthday.  She's from Kentucky and she likes bacon. LOL! Her friend brung her a bacon birthday cake to the restaurant where we all ate.  I spent $60 for me and my elf to eat.  Luckily the restaurant give us a free piece of chocolate cake as a bonus.  It is just so expensive here to do anything.  I got a gyro sandwich and mashed 'taters'.  It ain't like I eat something fancy.  She ate a steak of sorts that wadn't cooked to order.  We sat there and chatted.  Some of my most favorite people were there, so it was good times.  I heard that there was some sailors from Belgium who had sailed in by accident the other day.  I was excited to get to maybe speak French with them.

Saturday was interesting too.  I went to the youth center's fundraiser for breakfast.  I had a good time.  Some commercial fisherman asked me if I was in high school which sent me to laughing.  It was funny.  Um... NO!  I corrected papers for a couple of hours.  Man, did I not want to be at school doing that. I got a chance to meet the 6 people who were sailing around the world. They was actually from Cosica and had a kid with them too.  So, they were French and that was cool.  They got lost on their way to Japan after following Russia along the ocean. They ended up here and did a presentation at the university in town.  It lasted so long that I had to leave.  However, it was amazingly interesting.  After that, I went to the elf's house to watch the box. LOL!  There was no water for some reason, so we had to cook a boxed pizza.  I came home late and went to bed.

After 3 calls from the madre, I went to church and then out to eat.  Some random guy invited me and my friends out to eat.  He paid which was amazing, cuz as I had said..... it gets to be more than expensive.  We stayed for a while.  I come home and made some black bean soup and came back up to the school to correct papers.  I really did not want to be here.  I had plans to work out, but time kept a tickin' and it slipped away from me.  I'll make it up on Monday.  Now, I'm back at school at 11pm getting ready for the week.  They's so much that I ain't done.  I will try and tackle more of it in the morning.  I must go.


Laura said...

Glad you are making so many new friends. I can't wait to hear all of your crazy stories when you come home for Christmas.

High on the Hog said...

Um. I miss you guys.

Burkulater said...

you made something to eat?