Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Ark

Well..., today we got an e-mail saying that we was able to leave right after classes ended. The wind was a blowin' at 75 mph with the gusts. I had a meeting with a parent, so I called him and asked if he was gonna come. They said, well.. he's on his way. He never showed. I sit there for a long time. I finally went out to eat and it was pretty fun.

Then we stopped by a friend's house. It was interesting. We sit around a plastic tub that doubles as a kitchen table. Fun times. They had their wood-burning stove going and we laughed about all things funny. Then I took me a much needed nap and got dropped off at my house at 11pm ish. Yep, I opened my door and shit water was a pourin' from my ceiling and I live in a sort of underground room. Nice! Someone had left thier toilet running and the water ended up in my room. Luckily my bed didn't get wet so I'll be able to sleep here in a few minutes. Interesting night.

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