Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bowl of Soup

I been cooking in a slow cooker a whole lot since I got here. I ain't got time to cook real meals and it seems that if I put stuff in the cooker, it turns out good after a day or so. Beans, rice, chicken, salt, pepper and any type of 'mater' combo works right good. I just keep it a cookin' and it turns out super good. I made an onion soup by accident, but it was so good anyhow.

The soup has give me a chance to have a few people over for a snack and a meal now and then. It replaces the night out on the town in a restaurant or a stop at the Bell. It is nice to be in people's houses rather or in mine rather than in a restaurant again. It totally reminds me of when I was a young'un. We use to have neighbors over the house of the evenings all the time. Nothing big or special, but good times all the same.

While we eat the soup, my friends ask me to listen to my mom's messages on the machine. My one friend wasn't able to understand most of what my mom said. It made them laugh so hard. I just can't wait until they meet her and listen to her talk about nonsense. Her messages don't say much. I druther that she leave reasonable meaningful messages so they can really get a laugh. However, most of the messages are just a mumble here and there. So funny. No wonder my friends laugh.

My classroom is tore apart today. They just give me cabinets, but I ain't able to use them until they are approved. So, here they set and all my stuff is everwhich place you could imagine other than where it once(t) was. LOL! All I know is that I need to have me a day and a half to get myself reorganized. No big deal cuz it is much better than before. It just looks like the mixture of a soup that I made. All mixed up!


peggy said...

I am catching up with your adventures, flying!!!and makin soup!!! and yurts!!!. berries!! and moose to eat!!! In the time you have been there you have sure had a lot of different experiences. Tell us about church, do they have guitars? And do you have a library.

Burkulater said...

I love your mom. Soup is goooood. Made broccoli cheddar soup this week!