Friday, October 2, 2009

A Good Night to Chill

It is chilly outside now. I guess it's around 45 for a high, but at night it gets right close to 30. It is normal for now. I can just see what's around the corner. I've already seen snow and that wasn't expected. I just know that we could get feet of snow within a month. However, we could get 1 foot of snow and not get no more for a good while.

Just a side note about work. They have these things called 'chill pass' that we give students who are freaking out. The name makes me laugh. So, you get a pass for freaking out, so next time... just freak out and I'll give you a pass. I don't totally understand it, but it certainly makes me laugh and it goes along with the title of this post. So, here's a little something about my work. I hope you enjoy it.

I went and worked out at school and then went next door to laugh for a moment with my awesome neighbors. I had helped him at the youth center for a hour today after school. I had no idea that he needed my help, but I ended up there. After working out, I reminded him that he had my food at his house and he let me know that he had ate some of it. I acted as if I cared and he offered me some salmon. It was funny when he overheard me a tellin' his wife what I had said. We laughed a lot about it. Fun times.

I had a potluck again. This time it it was at lunch. I eat some really interesting stuff today. They's some stuff called aguduck or something like that. It is basically berries with crisco mixed together. It used to be made with seal oil, but I ain't tried that yet. It was mixed with tundra berries and rice this time. I hadn't eat this exact cranberry type mix yet. It was really good. I then wandered down the long counter a pickin' out stuff that looked good. There was some stew meat lookin' stuff. I figured that it was moose, so I took me some. I found out after that it was musk ox. LOL! It was not so tender, but it was right good.

It truly is time to go to bed. However, I value my quiet time more now then ever. I sit at my computer and surf, read and think of all that needs done. I do not do what needs done. I druther have a 'chill pass' from time to time. It truly is a good night to chill in the Cold Hard Town. I am lookin' at going home for X-mas just about every day. I keep a lookin' for cheap tickets and they's some real cheap ones. I'm about to buy 'em cuz I am very very very very excited to see everyone. I guess I should chill cuz it is really far away and the chill will turn to cold before I make it onto the plane.

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