Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank You Todd Palin

Today was a day that I may never forget. I went to a potluck at a bar. It was non-smoking, so that was awesome. And no..., I never drunk a drop. I made this little promise to myself. I ain't sure if I'll survive the cold hard winter without none, but I'm sure a gonna try. I done some of the most fun stuff you'd ever imagine. I'z hanging out with the elf, but she had to go back to let her dogs out. I rode with my friends and the elf rejoined me at the bar. They's many a person there to say the least. Of course, our principal represented with a shirt and tie. I sit at a table with some of the teachers. Two of them are from Georgia and they are super awesome. I took myself down to another table to sit with another friend from Georgia. She's right cool and very much from the south. She lived in the hills, but she ain't of the hills. But man..., does she appreciate them and all that they offer the world. LOL!!

After I eat a bit of a mystery meat and finished off my meal, I was offered a bit of beluga meat. I still can't believe that I eat whale. It was white and chewy on the outside and mushy on the inside. It wadn't nothing but a cube of meat on a toothpick, but it was interesting. I eat stuff like that in Korea. I mean stuff with the same texture and taste. Interesting times. They give all kinds of prizes away. Of course, I didn't win a one. However, they recognized all of the community members who contributed to the Friday fish at the school. They caught many tons of fish and donated it to the school. I think they donated it. They read off about 80 names and Todd Palin's name snuck in there with hardly no notice. I ain't even sure if most of the people paid mind to it.

I forgot my plastic bowl that I 'borrowed' from a friend to go a berry pickin'. I didn't turn around to go and get it. The week has flew by so fast. I have Friday a waitin' on me in the morning. They's so much to do and I can't believe how little and how much I've done just this week alone. I'll have a weekend of planning and correcting. I'm a bit excited to go with the elf to a study this weekend. We'll see how it goes.

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K-Dogg said...

you silly hillbilly, i can barely read your writing.