Sunday, February 14, 2010

Smelt Smelt

Today was a totally random yet not so random day.  I decided that I should sleep in and hope for a ride to church from somebody.  I had told my usual ride that they wasn't no way I was going to wake up 2 1/2 hours early in order to get to church.  I woke up at a reasonable time and noticed that my eye was a hurtin' unlike I have ever felt in my life.  It felt as if somebody was a gonna push my eye clear out of my head with a fork.  Not a good thing!  My friends came and we rode to church.

Church was very interesting with several odd things concerning one not so interesting churchgoer.  He was a rantin and a ravin about nonsense as I walked through the door.  I found my way to a nice piece of strawberry cake and sit down.  The not so perfected music started and the people went to singin songs that were right on in every way.  I like how I can look back on the service and remember how people just sung from where it matters rather than how perfect the 'band' was.  There's something to be said for that. 

I went on to a friend's house.  We decided to go on snowmachines and do some smelt fishing.  I didn't have no license so I wadn't able to fish.  We took off into the tundra on the snow-go at 60 mph or so.  I felt as if my nose was going to freeze off.  My goggles pushed my glasses and my hands were cold despite my well worn gloves.  I seen the most beautifulest mountains, sky and snow I ever seen in my life.  When we got to the ice fishing spot I caught a smell of smelt.  They smelt like a box of veggies that were a few days old.  They's about 15 of us that went including a newborn and two young'uns less than 5 years old.  Only one kid caught one smelt.  We went home cold and hungry.  The ride home was much colder than the 37 degree ride out.  I bet the temperature had went down a good 10 or so degrees.  This was a day that I could have never smelt from a mile away. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seeds of Life

I've been spending the last couple days communicating with this one and that one back home.  I got a text from my sister that said that my mom was going back to the hospital.  I didn't think too much about it.  I give it about 10 seconds thought.  It ain't like she hadn't spent the last week there.  I figured that it was more of the same thing.  However, it wadn't so simple.  I guess that she ate some pie during the day that she was out of the hospital.  Well, they's a ton of seeds in the strawberry pie and those tiny little seeds set in the most smallest of places in her digestive path.  Not good!  She ate that and about 24 hours after, she felt as if she was about to die.  Within 36 hours she was in surgery to remove all that those seeds had done.

I find seeds to be some of the most interesting things that God ever made.  They can be put in the ground and grow up to be a huge redwood tree.  I guess that they can find theirselves in a tiny little hole and cause hell inside someone.  I never dreamt that something like that could happen so fast.  It sure don't take too long for a tiny seed to cause such a problem, yet it takes hundreds of years for a tiny seed to grow into a huge tree.

I been a thinkin' about seeds a whole lot lately.  I guess the most smallest thing really can cause the best or worst things in our lives.  I wonder why this is possible.  If this is done, then that will happen.  The rules of cause and effect are very interesting.  Hopefully, life will take some good turns for me and some others that I know.  Why does people get the chance to plant seeds even if they will not sprout?  What about them seeds that grow to be redwoods?  I don't know!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Down Home Up North & Out Of Control

I've had a week of trials up here in this cold hard town.  My mom has been sick with heart issues for about 5 years and this week was certainly not a good time.  Thankfully I've managed to make this home up north like down home.  I bring down home with me where ever I go.  I 'member when I went to South Korea. I brung this cd mix with me of all my favorite songs.  I pulled out that cd last night.  Me and a friend visit for about 2 hours after going out to eat.  This cd took me back home.  Neither one of is from here, so we just sit around and talked about life down home compared with life up north.  They's so many things that are going on in our lives down home and we feel a bit stuck and powerless up here.

When I was walking to school on Friday, I liketa fell about 5 times.  Just when I thought that I was about to get my balance back, something almost swept me right back down at the ground.  I've only really fell once so far to where I got hurt.  I jumped up within 3 seconds as if nothing had happened.  However, as I was watching a 3 hour presentation in the gym my back started to hurting unlike anything I've ever felt before.  I just crept up on me.  It felt as if someone had pulled me by the hair of the head and swung my head around a few times.  It was not a good feeling.  My neck and back really took a beating and has hurt since.

Mom was in the hospital for the last week.  I asked her if she thought that I should come back during spring break.  She told me that it was a stupid idea and I should save my money.  She said they give her morphine a few times in the last few hours, so I figured it wadn't a good thing.  I ended up calling a couple people who she had asked me to call for her.  It was odd to try and tell them what was going on within a few miles of where they were from all the way up north.  I had right close to no details.  Those phone calls is what inspired the title of this blog.  I wish that I could be down home, but I'm still up here waiting for June.  It is at that time that I will go down home.