Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seeds of Life

I've been spending the last couple days communicating with this one and that one back home.  I got a text from my sister that said that my mom was going back to the hospital.  I didn't think too much about it.  I give it about 10 seconds thought.  It ain't like she hadn't spent the last week there.  I figured that it was more of the same thing.  However, it wadn't so simple.  I guess that she ate some pie during the day that she was out of the hospital.  Well, they's a ton of seeds in the strawberry pie and those tiny little seeds set in the most smallest of places in her digestive path.  Not good!  She ate that and about 24 hours after, she felt as if she was about to die.  Within 36 hours she was in surgery to remove all that those seeds had done.

I find seeds to be some of the most interesting things that God ever made.  They can be put in the ground and grow up to be a huge redwood tree.  I guess that they can find theirselves in a tiny little hole and cause hell inside someone.  I never dreamt that something like that could happen so fast.  It sure don't take too long for a tiny seed to cause such a problem, yet it takes hundreds of years for a tiny seed to grow into a huge tree.

I been a thinkin' about seeds a whole lot lately.  I guess the most smallest thing really can cause the best or worst things in our lives.  I wonder why this is possible.  If this is done, then that will happen.  The rules of cause and effect are very interesting.  Hopefully, life will take some good turns for me and some others that I know.  Why does people get the chance to plant seeds even if they will not sprout?  What about them seeds that grow to be redwoods?  I don't know!

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