Sunday, February 14, 2010

Smelt Smelt

Today was a totally random yet not so random day.  I decided that I should sleep in and hope for a ride to church from somebody.  I had told my usual ride that they wasn't no way I was going to wake up 2 1/2 hours early in order to get to church.  I woke up at a reasonable time and noticed that my eye was a hurtin' unlike I have ever felt in my life.  It felt as if somebody was a gonna push my eye clear out of my head with a fork.  Not a good thing!  My friends came and we rode to church.

Church was very interesting with several odd things concerning one not so interesting churchgoer.  He was a rantin and a ravin about nonsense as I walked through the door.  I found my way to a nice piece of strawberry cake and sit down.  The not so perfected music started and the people went to singin songs that were right on in every way.  I like how I can look back on the service and remember how people just sung from where it matters rather than how perfect the 'band' was.  There's something to be said for that. 

I went on to a friend's house.  We decided to go on snowmachines and do some smelt fishing.  I didn't have no license so I wadn't able to fish.  We took off into the tundra on the snow-go at 60 mph or so.  I felt as if my nose was going to freeze off.  My goggles pushed my glasses and my hands were cold despite my well worn gloves.  I seen the most beautifulest mountains, sky and snow I ever seen in my life.  When we got to the ice fishing spot I caught a smell of smelt.  They smelt like a box of veggies that were a few days old.  They's about 15 of us that went including a newborn and two young'uns less than 5 years old.  Only one kid caught one smelt.  We went home cold and hungry.  The ride home was much colder than the 37 degree ride out.  I bet the temperature had went down a good 10 or so degrees.  This was a day that I could have never smelt from a mile away. 

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