Sunday, April 18, 2010

Distance Time and Place

 I find myself thinking about these three things.  I just can't help from thing of them.  I am stuck sometimes.  My mind might drift, but it comes right back where it started.  Distance is the one thing that I can come to grips with myownself.  I understand it.  I know that if I am far from someone, I ain't gonna see them.  It is crystal clear.  It first hit me when I went to Quebec for the first time in high school.  I'z there for just one month and then gone.  I knew right then that I wadn't gonna see most of them people again.  It was before facebook and e-mail had come out, but I was not really into technology and I seen it as a bothersome thing to even try and stay in contact with people.  They's 3 or 4 that I kept in contact with , but the distance between us was the first thing that kept us apart.  Now, I'm away from everyone.  There's 2,200 people here. I bet they's that many people within walking distance of my house back home.  What a difference!!

Time goes by and time goes by.  There's some people that dies and some more that are born.  Time lets me improve and time allows me to not do what I could have because of my laziness.  Time apart from people often lets people start to driftin'.  They may not drift because the people want to drift, but they drift because time passes.  I can't think of many lines that anyone has ever said to me that I 'member word for word.  I do remember 'There's no such thing as quality time spent with people.  All time spent together is quality."  That's more truer than anything that anyone has ever said.  It's been time since I last wrote a blog.  Time passes.  So much happens.  I can't even begin to write down all of the things that I've experienced.  Just know that this place is very very very much like all places and very very very unlike all other places.  I've never passed an amount of time anywhere that has showed me more about more. 

Why do I get attached to places so quickly?  I like my seat at church, my kitchen table and so many other unnamed places.  Places remind me of times spent with people.  I love doing new things and then get pissed at myself for being selfish for allowing time and distance to separate me from those people.  If I'z to leave this place, I'd miss it.  I will leave at some point.  I'll travel a distance farther than most people has ever traveled.  Then, despite doing such a cool thing, I'll feel bad for what I can't control on the other side of the world.  The places with no food, shelter, transportation and clean water are a place too.  It's places like this that keep my mind a thinkin'.  I can do little or nothing to change most things.  I'm stuck.  If I go, I'll again be stuck.  It might sound as if this is a depressed ranting.  It ain't.  These are just some realities of life.  Actually, I'm pretty content.