Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why not me and why me?

I have an idea to go somewhere different for some time. Why not pick me? I do not want to live a boring life. I want the best and whatever that means... so be it. I am so proud that I live in a country that allows me to do what I want. I fear that this may change soon, but that's how things are a rollin' these days. I hope that the next few weeks and months will work out for me. Who knows if they will or not, but I will keep trying.

Why does people run up to me based on the fact that they are foreign? I just sit in a random place and wait and they sit next to me and ask questions. I think it is God's way to teach me patience. I certainly lack it sometimes.

Why? Why? Why?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random People

I was bored out of my mind last night at about 9pm. I usually don't get to the point where I'd like to run around in circles at home. However, I felt like there must be something to do on such an awesome night. I texted some people to see what was going on. My friend from Timmys was up at a local cafe playing guitar and singing. I took me out drivin' with the window down listening to really sweet music which was super fun. Just being out of my house was fun. I can't be there which is one more reason why I must move.

I pulled in the parking lot and found my friend who was there with another friend. They were soon joined by about 8 or so others. I just sort of sat there. It was cool since they were playing good music. Then out of NO PLACE some random Romanian came and sat with us. I assumed that he knew one of the other people in the group at first. You never know. He sat directly next to me and began asking direct questions about God. I was not ready for such questions. I don't even think I saw him walking up. I just looked over and he was sitting among us. Anyway...., after another Romanian who I know from Tim Hortons noticed me talking to him and came over and said the most rude things directly to him about how horrible of a person he is. He seemed nice enough. He was genuine and only wanted to ask about Jesus. I guess they both grew up together and the Tim Hortons guy was super holy according to some. I realized that the guy who thought he had it figured out was likely more off base than the guy randomly asking for advice.

After about 10 minutes of this randomness, a guy from Benin West Africa came up and wanted to know what we were talking about. Where does this stuff happen? Is it just me or do foreign people see come talk to me written accross my head. He was really cool and I guess he went to a bilingual church in Africa. His dad was a Catholic priest on Sundays and a wizard other days of the week. He explained that vodoo came from there and how messed up it is. That was what he said when I asked him about his country. #1 answer was voodoo. Pretty weird. So, 2 random people came up to me and talked. RANDOM

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Wanna Fly

I remember when I graduated with my French/English degree in Ed. I couldn't find one good teaching job. In fact, they wadn't but one job to apply to. I did that and did not get the job I wanted. I was so bothered with the fact that I answered questions in a way that did not allow me to get selected for the job. Interviews have little to do with how well a person can do a job. I am convinced that I would have been able to do the job and do it well. I would not have gone to South Korea. I would have never met the cool people that I got to know there and I don't think I'd have any of the jobs I have now. It is crazy how things work out. We have little or no control of our lives. This gets on my nerves, but in the end.... it is what is best.

Now, I am in a similar situation. I am unable to do what I want around here. I have enjoyed my time, but now it is time to go. I feel as if I must go. I try to want to stay, but then I get to feelin' as if that's not quite right. I must fly somewhere. I do not want to go just anywhere. There are some places that seem to call me and others that are just dots on a map without anything drawing me. For some reason, Alaska keeps a callin'. I am not sure why. I have a strange desire to do radical things with my life like get on a plane to go to South Korea without telling my family and stay for a year. I am in that place again, but this time it is much better. Last time I was a runnin' from life rather than living life. I thought that if I went far that my troubles would be gone. Didn't happen, but in the process I learned more about life than during any other period of my life. This time I feel like I need to go for other reasons. Not sure what they are other than there ain't much around here to keep me here.

The places that I have applied to can only be reached by airplane. They have roads which do not connect to the rest of the state. I can take boats to the nearest cities as well if I feel like spending a few hours on one. Beyond that, I'll be in a small village. Not sure why I want to go to these types of places, but hey......, I do strange stuff. They pay is amazing and that is a plus. But, I must remember that I have little or no control over where I'll end up. I know this. I'll have to wait and see what happens. I really think it would be cool to take a plane around from one village to another just for the heck of it. I will do it one day, but I just don't know if it will be a vacation or my life.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Alaska and Stuff

Since my friend took off to Alaska about 10 years ago and said how cool it was I've wanted to try it out. I don't want to go to some lame village where the polar bears and moles runs around. I want a big city by Alaskan standards. Big cities there are small compared to the ones that we got down here. I have no idea if I'm gonna get a/the job I want, but anything full time sounds good at this point. I just got another part time job offer of the sort I do not want. I have no lack of jobs, but I can't find one that I went to school for decades to get. Pray that I'll get something awesome on Wednesday. I need me a good job and I don't want to go to South Korea again to get it. Alaska seems far enough.

I have dreams of getting the job that I want so I can chill for a few months and do whatever I please around here. According to the Red One, I do what I want all of the time. He is only part correct. I will be able to go to all of the fun things that I want and have me a little ole' working vacation. I need one of them. Work a little and do everwhat I want the rest of the time. I do want to get to writing my book.

I have no idea where I get these ideas from. They just creep up on me and I chase after them like nobody's business. It is how I have always been. I 'member when I was 16 and I come home from school and announced that I was going to school in Canada the next summer. I got a lot of laughs, but hey..... I did it. Then I done the same thing for the South Korea thing and now Alaska. I will apply to as many positions as I can within the next few months hoping that I can find something good. Never know what I might could stumble upon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Singin'

After a good time at the gym, I had to leave early to go to church with my mom and her uncle. He asked on Sunday if we'd take him to church cuz my mom's cousin was out of town. We went early and sit in the hall. We talked to a few people and everything was sort of okay. Then somehow the baby born alive sickness of 'Bomber come up. I stated that above all, that's why I didn't vote for him. I support babies. I thought that at a Baptist church filled with old people that it would be a safe comment. However, this lady with an oxygen tank said, "He ain't as dumb as you think he is." Then a crusty old lady come in and says, "Is you a talkin' about politics cuz I'm at church?" I just sit there. I was stunned. I simply answered a question as to why I voted for him. I did NOT bring up the conversation. This was the start of a really awesome night. It turned out very awesome.

I am not sure why hillbilly churches start with a song and most people start to wanderin' around shaking hands. I am pretty sure that all 18 or so people knew each other and it is odd for new people. It is no real big deal, but it starts abruptly and ends with just a bit of small talk. I see it as a total waste of time. Then the real fun started. An awesome old guy started talking about how he built his cabin his-own-self back in the day. Then he got to singin' an awesome song about cabins in glory. It was awesome how he walked the church a talkin' and then just waltzed up there and begun singing. He was on the Grand Ole' Opry last week. He was really cool. I asked him for the lyrics which he had photocopied and he give it to me for my book. I was excited about that.

The preaching was old school but straight to the point. I sometimes wish that the simple and bold honest truth was preached at more churches these days. I find it amazing that these preachers can start normal and slip into huffing and a puffin between every two or so words. I am not sure why they do it, but it sure is funny. It is also funny how they preach and pray in King James English. At the end of the service half of the people went to prayin' up in front for the 'alter prayer' which was so loud. Just as soon as they finished, my mom looked over and said, "Granny woulda put them to shame. She was the loudest person in the church." It reminded me of how my mom's mom would march up there a prayin' with her hair all plaited up in a bun and pray for 10 min. with the loudest voice you could ever imagine.

Lastly, we went to Tim Hortons. I wanted to get me a good ole' bowl of chili. We went in and sit down. Two of the workers come over and started to talk to my great-uncle. For some reason, we got on the subject of snake churches. He told them that he went to one long ago. He explained, "I walked in one ole' country church and they's a messin' round with snakes. One guy held out his hands and they give him a snake. I didn't even realize he had one in his hand. Then another guy reached out and took it from him and he came to. As soon as I seen that I started to look 'round the floor. I went to bein' a scared and run plumb down the way and left. I was so scared that one would come at my feet at the floor." My co-workers looked very interested and were astonished. It was classic.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rare Rant in Writing

I read in the Washington Post that Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, thinks that Obama is "unoriginal, unsubstantial and overrated". How can that be? This guy is the president of FRANCE? I mean, if the French can see through his hogwash there must be something more to my position. My current political views are not as crazy as 60% of my fellow Americans think they are. Most of the time the French are opposed to my line of thinking. You know...., I support unborn children and I think that you should take care of jerks before they take care of you. I guess that we must finally fess up to the fact that no matter who the president is, the rest of the world won't like him/her.

In a second line of surprise, the dept. of homeland security released a report warning of 'rightwing radicals'. Well, why do they need to release a report about these guys? It is obvious that they are there and not going away and that they are bad guys. Right? You know, the guy who blowed up the building in OK? The problem with the report is they paint people like myself as a radical. People who are white #1 and then those who believe these things: have strong views regarding certain "issues", believe in end time prophesy ie. all Christians, and people regestering to buy guns. Keep in mind that having a gun is totally up to the person and not up to the government according to the grand laws of this nation. Next, I don't own a gun nor want one. However, reports issued like this remind me that our rights are quickly being stepped on. The fact that Christians were classifed as "radical" if they believe in end times prophesy is nut wild.

I don't want to rant too much. I totally understand that God is in control of all things at all times and that he allows this crap to happen. His timing is not mine. I'd get rid of this crap ASAP.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Odd Eggs in My Basket

I cannot count all of the eggs in my basket this Easter. Oh wait, I didn't get one. For the longest time, I've gotten candy. This year the basket was not seen, and I didn't even get candy. I am happy that I no longer have to eat nasty candy peeps just to keep my family members happy. Why did it take til I got to 30 for me to be able to tell my family that I simply won't. I have been better at doing what I want. LOL!

This year I got a new kind of basket. This'n is full of lots of eggs. Each represents one thing that must be done or should get done. I am at the point in my life when I feel that I must do something awesome. Oh wait, I already done many a thing that's cool. It is human nature to not be satisfied with whatever. I just need to break down and crack the eggs open and see what's inside. I might could find something interesting in the basket.

I had a very odd Easter. Church was awesome which is a bit odd. I mean, how can it not be cool. You show up to celebrate the most impactful and important historical event in human history. Good times were followed up by a quick visit to Taco Bell. I then happened in over my family's house. It was very funny. I had to go alone because my mom refused to breathe the smoke. "A" told her about it. LOL! I went and was forced to leave and go and get my mom. My aunt wanted to see her, so for the first time in two years she decided to go to Tim Hortons with us. HOLY CRAP it was awesome. After that we went to Applebee's. I don't like it, but it's food and my mom was happy. My sister went out of her way to not see us. Oh well. That's life. I then went to Meijer for the 1st of 2 times in the day. Weird. I must say that I have never went shopping on Easter before. I went again that night with a friend. All in all......, it was a very good but odd day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is Here.... Sorta!

I do believe that this season is awesome. I like to see new things. The weed-vines a creepin' through the cracks in the broken driveway and rabbits tearin' through the yard at crazy speeds are just a few of the things I've almost forgot. Nature amazes me. I was watching a doc. the other night which refered to nature as mother nature. It took everything in me not to get bent out of control. There is no such thing. Who is this person that is so often referenced on the Discovery Channel? Introduce me to whoever it is, and I'd be happy to know. Maybe everwho it is can tell me more about my favorite season.

This season might could bring upon some new changes. I hope it does. Change is a comin' and Bomber ain't gonna give it. He is unable to give me the changes that I need. The changes that I need, needs to come from God and a place to live. I hope He provides me a job in another place and therefore a new place to lay my head. I will do all that is humanly possible to get me a new job realizing that it might not be the plan. I will then focus on becoming content with everwhat comes my way. Frustration slash contentment do not go together.

Easter is here. I just visited a Quebecker website because it often lists interesting French words for me to learn. They had something about Easter animals and the words for the male, female and babies which are linked to Easter. I was shocked that animals are linked to Easter. Isn't it about the most remarkable historical event in all of history? How could people think it is about animals? It is only about Jesus being dead and then not which is super awesome. I always think of Easter as a renewing time in my life based on the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. I also think of this season as a renewing time in life too, so I guess they really do go together. (I will not approve French bashing comments!!)