Monday, April 20, 2009

Alaska and Stuff

Since my friend took off to Alaska about 10 years ago and said how cool it was I've wanted to try it out. I don't want to go to some lame village where the polar bears and moles runs around. I want a big city by Alaskan standards. Big cities there are small compared to the ones that we got down here. I have no idea if I'm gonna get a/the job I want, but anything full time sounds good at this point. I just got another part time job offer of the sort I do not want. I have no lack of jobs, but I can't find one that I went to school for decades to get. Pray that I'll get something awesome on Wednesday. I need me a good job and I don't want to go to South Korea again to get it. Alaska seems far enough.

I have dreams of getting the job that I want so I can chill for a few months and do whatever I please around here. According to the Red One, I do what I want all of the time. He is only part correct. I will be able to go to all of the fun things that I want and have me a little ole' working vacation. I need one of them. Work a little and do everwhat I want the rest of the time. I do want to get to writing my book.

I have no idea where I get these ideas from. They just creep up on me and I chase after them like nobody's business. It is how I have always been. I 'member when I was 16 and I come home from school and announced that I was going to school in Canada the next summer. I got a lot of laughs, but hey..... I did it. Then I done the same thing for the South Korea thing and now Alaska. I will apply to as many positions as I can within the next few months hoping that I can find something good. Never know what I might could stumble upon!


K-Dogg said...

you do a lot more of what you want than i do! that is for sure.

i'll be a prayin'.

Burkulater said...

hick in alaska. oh wait...canadian hick in alaska. now that's a good one.