Monday, April 13, 2009

Odd Eggs in My Basket

I cannot count all of the eggs in my basket this Easter. Oh wait, I didn't get one. For the longest time, I've gotten candy. This year the basket was not seen, and I didn't even get candy. I am happy that I no longer have to eat nasty candy peeps just to keep my family members happy. Why did it take til I got to 30 for me to be able to tell my family that I simply won't. I have been better at doing what I want. LOL!

This year I got a new kind of basket. This'n is full of lots of eggs. Each represents one thing that must be done or should get done. I am at the point in my life when I feel that I must do something awesome. Oh wait, I already done many a thing that's cool. It is human nature to not be satisfied with whatever. I just need to break down and crack the eggs open and see what's inside. I might could find something interesting in the basket.

I had a very odd Easter. Church was awesome which is a bit odd. I mean, how can it not be cool. You show up to celebrate the most impactful and important historical event in human history. Good times were followed up by a quick visit to Taco Bell. I then happened in over my family's house. It was very funny. I had to go alone because my mom refused to breathe the smoke. "A" told her about it. LOL! I went and was forced to leave and go and get my mom. My aunt wanted to see her, so for the first time in two years she decided to go to Tim Hortons with us. HOLY CRAP it was awesome. After that we went to Applebee's. I don't like it, but it's food and my mom was happy. My sister went out of her way to not see us. Oh well. That's life. I then went to Meijer for the 1st of 2 times in the day. Weird. I must say that I have never went shopping on Easter before. I went again that night with a friend. All in all......, it was a very good but odd day.


Laura said...

Taco Bell, Tim Horton's, Applebees, and Meijers X2. That's a commercial holiday if I ever heard of one.

The Red One said...