Monday, April 27, 2009

Random People

I was bored out of my mind last night at about 9pm. I usually don't get to the point where I'd like to run around in circles at home. However, I felt like there must be something to do on such an awesome night. I texted some people to see what was going on. My friend from Timmys was up at a local cafe playing guitar and singing. I took me out drivin' with the window down listening to really sweet music which was super fun. Just being out of my house was fun. I can't be there which is one more reason why I must move.

I pulled in the parking lot and found my friend who was there with another friend. They were soon joined by about 8 or so others. I just sort of sat there. It was cool since they were playing good music. Then out of NO PLACE some random Romanian came and sat with us. I assumed that he knew one of the other people in the group at first. You never know. He sat directly next to me and began asking direct questions about God. I was not ready for such questions. I don't even think I saw him walking up. I just looked over and he was sitting among us. Anyway...., after another Romanian who I know from Tim Hortons noticed me talking to him and came over and said the most rude things directly to him about how horrible of a person he is. He seemed nice enough. He was genuine and only wanted to ask about Jesus. I guess they both grew up together and the Tim Hortons guy was super holy according to some. I realized that the guy who thought he had it figured out was likely more off base than the guy randomly asking for advice.

After about 10 minutes of this randomness, a guy from Benin West Africa came up and wanted to know what we were talking about. Where does this stuff happen? Is it just me or do foreign people see come talk to me written accross my head. He was really cool and I guess he went to a bilingual church in Africa. His dad was a Catholic priest on Sundays and a wizard other days of the week. He explained that vodoo came from there and how messed up it is. That was what he said when I asked him about his country. #1 answer was voodoo. Pretty weird. So, 2 random people came up to me and talked. RANDOM

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Burkulater said...

where is it that you find these people? it's like you're a magnet for them.

for the record, as soon as your blog page loads, i try to find the pause button immediately.