Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is Here.... Sorta!

I do believe that this season is awesome. I like to see new things. The weed-vines a creepin' through the cracks in the broken driveway and rabbits tearin' through the yard at crazy speeds are just a few of the things I've almost forgot. Nature amazes me. I was watching a doc. the other night which refered to nature as mother nature. It took everything in me not to get bent out of control. There is no such thing. Who is this person that is so often referenced on the Discovery Channel? Introduce me to whoever it is, and I'd be happy to know. Maybe everwho it is can tell me more about my favorite season.

This season might could bring upon some new changes. I hope it does. Change is a comin' and Bomber ain't gonna give it. He is unable to give me the changes that I need. The changes that I need, needs to come from God and a place to live. I hope He provides me a job in another place and therefore a new place to lay my head. I will do all that is humanly possible to get me a new job realizing that it might not be the plan. I will then focus on becoming content with everwhat comes my way. Frustration slash contentment do not go together.

Easter is here. I just visited a Quebecker website because it often lists interesting French words for me to learn. They had something about Easter animals and the words for the male, female and babies which are linked to Easter. I was shocked that animals are linked to Easter. Isn't it about the most remarkable historical event in all of history? How could people think it is about animals? It is only about Jesus being dead and then not which is super awesome. I always think of Easter as a renewing time in my life based on the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. I also think of this season as a renewing time in life too, so I guess they really do go together. (I will not approve French bashing comments!!)


K-Dogg said...

there's a plenty of weeds to see in the cracks at my casa. come and stand in awe anytime you want.

High on the Hog said...

funny comment Dogg!