Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teaching Mean

Why are people so mean to teachers and pastors? I know many people who teach and several pastors and it seems to me that everybody likes to say and do many a mean thing and do many a mean thing to these workers. I have had several people say or do odd things to me in class about me which were very untrue. I've also seen people make up crap about other teachers and pastors and just continue on with it for months and even years. Most of the time onlookers can see what's a goin' on, while other times they fall for the lie that every claim against one of them must be true.

I seen a short news story today about a teacher who was supposed to have done wrong. Five years ago I would have said, "He done it. What a sick punk!" Now, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless I KNOW they have really done whatever and that it is bad. The society now accepts that punk kids can say that something happened, and then it did. When did we accept what kids say happened for the absolute truth? When did we allow groups of people in our country to support even the wrongs that they do simply to advance their goals? I know that many groups do it, but when did it become okay?

I was shocked yesterday when a friend said that his/her child mentioned something that was unthinkable for that child's age. We (mainstream society) are teaching our kids to be mean. I never thought of the things that kids say now. TV and the media have raped our minds and many of us sit back and say that it is progressive. Yes, progressive towards the wrong direction. So, the leaders in our society are now considered bad and the rest is good.


hillary said...

That blurb said he turned himself in. Innocent people don't turn themselves in.

K-Dogg said...

preach it!

High on the Hog said...

Hillary! If you read my entry you would have seen that I give people the benefit of the doubt. That's all! Watch your mouth. LOL!!