Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Smells and Such

For those of you don't know, I love going to help out at the clothes closet on Wednesdays. You might could ask what that's all about. Well, it is a place where people give clothes, shoes, house stuff and lots of RANDOM stuff. They hope that people will come there to take it. The idea is that we can live with a bit less so other people can have what they need. There is a rule that you can only come once(t) a month to get whatever you want/need. At this time, we are totally swimming in clothes and stuff. We cannot even make a dent into the huge pile of clothes. It makes me sick to think of how much work there is. However, there have been times when they ain't had nothing. So, that's a good bonus I guess.

There are some people who I've gotten to know a bit and some who come all of the time. I mean all of the time. They do not follow the rule that you can only come once a month. I know that it is impossible to wear so many clothes. There is one particular woman who comes EVERY week. She is so annoying. First she smells very bad. I mean that I can't stand in the same room as her. I can't. I try and I start to choking. Today I was putting some stuff on a table and before I could put something on the table, another person who I'd never seen before asked for these slippers. She reached into my hands and started to take 'em. I was not happy. I said, "I'm sorry. She asked for them first." I wanted to say, you come every single week. I suspect she wanted to sell it online or something. I'm very sure she's gotten tens of bags of clothes in the last three months.

Then there are the people who you see who walk from their house from a mile away. One has MS and was too tired to wake up for the 'food mission' somewhere else the previous week. This woman comes every single week to the free meal that's provided before the clothes closet. She takes only what she needs and folds/organizes clothes as she searches for something that might work for her. The whole time she manages to help despite her obvious medical/mental problems. She's really nice. Tonight she asked for a loaf of bread and mentioned that many days she has nothing to do. Okay, obviously she needs support and help and this is the exact reason that the clothes closet exists.

Anyway, the main reason that I wrote this stuff is that I have to tell everyone how crazy working there is. You have the people who take advantage of the 'system' while others need whatever is being offered. It would be easy to just not do it because of these types of people. However, it must be done. I just wish we had about 20 other helpers every week.


hillary said...

I may have to skip youth group one week to go. Perhaps bring one of my families.

Burkulater said...

When you come over my house, you can smell all kinds of stuff.