Monday, March 23, 2009


I am a person of plans. I do not like to not have something going on. In fact, when something is planned I expect it to happen. I hate when something is planned and it does not come to pass. I was asked to meet up with students from my Spanish class on Sunday night. Out of 3 other students, 0 showed. 30 minutes after they were supposed to show-up, I got a call from one of them saying he was 90 minutes away from Detroit. Wouldn't that be obvious to him earlier than that? I drove 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes home for no reason.

I plan to do something mighty awesome in my life. However, time's a tickin' and many cool things that I imagined in my youth ain't come to pass. I've dreamed of awesome experiences and a life of traverin' here and far. Yet, I remain here without the job that I'd need to get beyond the glory filled city of Taylor.

I plan to attend my first teacher fare. Not sure what will go down, but I hear that contracts are offered on the spot with signing bonuses. I am willing to go wherever I must to have a stable job in this country. I am sick of having 4 or 5 jobs to sort of make it. I want one job that pays the same amount every set amount of time. Now, I have different amounts of money every week. I can't plan, which in turn makes me unhappy. I must plan. I must be working toward something, or I am not happy. They ain't no other way for me. Plan.... plan... plan. I've known a few who've told me that I don't plan and that is interesting.

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Laura said...

Go for it. My SIL got her teaching job in Georgia at a job fair and hasn't looked back. She loves it. You never know.