Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chickens and Owls

I wonder what owl meat would taste like. I've ate jellyfish, dog, horse and a few other interesting things. I have to try that one day. I am a big fan of chicken. One time when I was up at a friend's cottage we drove all over town a lookin' for a good b-que chicken restaurant. I wonder if there is b-que owl restaurant somewhere in the hills. Who knows?

I was at my Aunt's house yesterday and I wondered how many chickens they had. I remember when they had a few less than 10 a runnin' around the yard. I noticed that they's fewer so I ask my cousin where they were. He told me that 4 had froze to death. He found them solid as a rock out in the yard. What a horrible way to go!! It made me think of all of the people who are livin' out in the cold. I personally hate to be cold, so that must be a not so good thing. I wonder what I could do to fix this problem for both the chickens and the people. I have a friend who likes to help animals, so I should ask her. LOL! My cousin also filled me in on how he had found an owl out somewhere and brung it back to his garage. He lit a fire overnight and put it in a cage along with a towel to keep warm. In the morning, it was also froze solid. I suggested that he take better care of his birds.

When I was in Korea, I found out that owls are considered evil. I think it is those who keep animals and people in the cold that are not so good.


Burkulater said...

Please, let's change your songs.

K-Dogg said...

i'm not sure i'd be broadcasting that you've eaten dog. there are lots of peeps that love dogs more than people. they will hunt you down.