Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Big Lie

One of my students who used to be in the dreaded class likes to come to the clothes closet. He can not speak English very well. He's very nice and hated the majority of the jerks in the last class very much. He brought a friend from a similar background. We eat at the church and they sat there and chatted with us. My mom decided to ask who they pray to. It was very strange, but my mom simply don't give a rip. My student's friend who speaks very good English said, "The one". My mom said, "What's his name?" He said "Allah". Then my mom said, "Wrong one. I gotta go hang up clothes. Bye." It was almost like he came to debate. My mom was frustrated as she sat there and listen to him tell people at the table all about Allah. My mom was the first to ask. The others were just there. Couldn't he have talked about anything else? I made it very clear that we were hanging up clothes, yet the friend kept trying to tell everyone that we share Gods. He knows better. How could he not? Is it possible that this educated guy really believes that it is the same thing? I concluded the strange dinner conversation with the fact that the Gods in each of the books have different personalities, therefore they cannot be the same. Then we hung up clothes and everything else was fine until we were about to leave. My 'friends' were going to drive me home. We were all standing around in a circle when my mom asked me when I'd be home. I said that I didn't know. My student's friend said, "We'll bring him home in a couple of days." My mom's face was full of rage. I know it took everything she had to not punch this guy in the face. It was strange for him to say that.

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K-Dogg said...

those are the cold hard facts of life.