Saturday, March 7, 2009


I decided to write about nothing today. Today seems sad. Lots of rain. It is annoying. I am not happy today. I am not sad either. Just breathing and doing routine stuff. Sleep, shower, drive, work, eat, eat, eat, cafe and finally write.

I can't help but comment on the way the economy is working out. I feared that all of the things that are happening would come to pass. I do not trust 'Bomber at all. He continues to print money and give money to people who aren't working. Arrrr. Today there is news that he plans to try and close Catholic hospitals because of the 'freedom of choice'. WTF!! He cut the deductions to those who donate money to charity. He is ANTI for sure. Today he's been a blabbin' about killing embryos too. Not cool.


Burkulater said...

You should send me articles on this stuff.

KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

The rain Blew totally, I agree!
And I don't care about Lily Allen but it would be irresponsible Journalism to let news like that lay.
That is why we write? To force an opinion into the 1s and 0s of the black abyss of the internet. In hopes that someone reads our nonsensical contributions to the illegitimacy of our Point of Views!?

KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

...In fact you wouldn't necessarily have came to the conclusion that she is lame or even worried about it, if I hadn't even wrote it.

So If I hadn't wrote it You wouldn't have given thought to comment on it and in turn probably would have never heard of her to begin with.

So in fact I have actually enriched your World by showing you something you might have never known. Even if it turned out Lame...