Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today I tried to force myself to write something, but I just couldn't get anything to come up.  I tried and failed.  Failing is not fun.  Even if it is in the smallest of tasks, it isn't fun!  However, when you are not trying anything, nothing gets accomplished.  I been tryin', but I get nothing in the end.  Good thing that nothing needs to be done.

So, today's blog is about nothing.  There's stuff on my mind, but nothing gets put on this screeen. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Not Taken

Somebody stoled my phone from my work.  I think it was a customer.  I was angry for about 3 minutes and then I realized that it made somebody's day to get it.  I guess they gonna enjoy it more than I did anyway.  It took my time from me.  They wadn't a minute that went by that I didn't think about it when I had forgot it at my house.  It was like a leash.  I used it too much.  No joke! In fact it used me.  I give it my time, energy and money.  For what!!??  I turned around and said to myself that they took my phone, but I got myself back.  Ha!  I'm gonna enjoy only having texting and a much lower phone bill.  I'm not taken!

The news has really gotten to me recently.  This 'white' stabber in Michigan who was after called Jewish and then a Christian Arab is getting on my nerves.  I mean.... how obvious is it people. Wake up!  He worked at a party store in Flint, his mom has a Muslim name (so does he), his neighbor says he was 'religious' and the media has kept a blabbin' about how he could be anything but what he is.  Just google AP stabber story and you'll see for your-own-self.  I tried my best to not believe it.  However, it is what it is.... This makes the third in a sting of mass killings similar to this.  DC then Texas and now this!  Maybe Obamer will have another Ramadan meal at the White House and the stabber can go have a beer and make up with the nation. However, I'm not taken by their hogwash.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Done Come to Town

I heard that song on the way over to my friend's house.  It made me think of a visit from my aunt.  I've only seen here 7 times in the last 15 years.  They ain't too much for her to say.  It seems that she wants so badly to not be of humble origins.  It just floors me.  Everything is about class and money.  Why does it have to be about those things?  I really don't care!

I heard her a knockin' on the door.  It was not a good sound.  I knew that it would be awkward and she'd inquire about my income and all other types of information.  I mean..  I ain't seen her much in years.  Why does she care??  Her life revolves about being what she isn't.  She works at a factory and she wants people to think she is rich.  She was borned in a cabin and she wants people to believe that it was a castle.  How might she be able to get this by me?  I know.  It is obvious.  She can't get out 1 sentence without using a nonstandard form of English.  Arrr.  My favorite from today was 'sightseed'!  I mean really.. I'm far from critical about my home language.  Whatever I say at that moment is what I say.  She corrected me to my face the last time I went to her house for a family dinner.  I said the word brung and she informed me that it was supposed to be brought.  I mean really...!!???!!

So, then I inquired about my other aunt's church.  I guess her husband is a preacher in a local city.  I know he means well, but it certainly isn't my idea of a relevant church.  I asked if it was more of a northern or southern style Free Will Baptist church.  She turned around and told me that it was northern.  I liketa fell on the floor.  I mean.... really?  All of the people that goes are from the south except the preacher.  It was a direct slam on the family church which is very very hillbilly.  They don't care either.  It just is what it is.  I told her that I enjoy going to the family church for special events.  I like the music.  I then told her that I like my church too.  After all, that's why I go there!