Friday, February 27, 2009

I Hope

I am unable to describe the freedom I feel today. It is wonderful to know that I done the right thing and got "in trouble" for it. It is amazing that right things are seen as wrong in the world I live in. I guess I have been sheltered in life by the grace of Jesus. He has never allowed me to be exposed to such worldly PC in all of my life. I walked away from all of it today. I hope to never again be involved in such a crazy scenerio. I done my best to do my job and it wasn't what was expected. Oh well. I will move on.

My life is full of such great things. I will not let anyone suck out my joy. I may have a bad day now and then, but the joy is still there. I try not to let it be based on circumstances. This situation will not rob me of hope or anything else. I just hope that everything else that happens with this whole situation is a gonna blow over.

Bomber' ain't give me a bit of hope either. Where is all the results of all of the promises? Trillions of dollars are being spent. This country doesn't have the money. 'Member we are in a 'near depression'. He likes to say we are running out of money so he prints money that will become worthless. No hope from HIM yet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have decided for better or for worse that downriver will be my home for at least a few years.(sorry Hillary R.) I guess I have to buy a house. This might could happen very soon if all falls into place. I do believe that I would be able to manage this idea. Many things look as if they are working out for me now, so I guess the next logical step is to buy a house. I cannot deal with my mother. I hear tales of bugs, mouses and the like all of the time. I'd rather not have to hear such things. I must go. I hope that I get a loan for this house wherever it might be.

Yeah, the book that I wadn't supposed to read yet......, I read it already. I cannot open a book that is at all interesting and not finish it. Sorry pals. I'll reread it as I go, but I done finished it. I've learned that I am a dirty/rich ass and I don't care about people if I bought the book. Too bad, my mom bought it and I'm using it for FREE! LOL!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diddle Daddle

Alright.... I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life. My mom's friend screamed out diddle or some crazy thing like that and I almost fell off of the couch. Oh... too bad that I couldn't catch my breath and nobody heard me anyway since I didn't have a voice. I couldn't speak or laugh at my party. Everyone just laughed at me when I tried. I had so many things to laugh at, but nothing was coming out of my big mouth.

I ain't sure what's a gonna happen with my job situation. CVS wants to hire me for some odd reason. Again, I didn't apply....., so we gonna see how that turns out. I hope they do since I haven't accumulated any hours elsewhere. LOL!

I continue to laugh at how dumb my leaders are in this wonderful country. Hillary said that she 'agrees to disagree' with China over human rights. Yep, she don't give a flyin' F my tax dollars are used to kill Chinese babies before they are borned. Nope, she don't care if they torture Christians for having a thought and Spirit in their bodies. Sounds like she's off her rocker. She's against waterboarding too. LOL!! ROFL, liberals make me laugh/cry at the same time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Voice for the Voiceless

Many of you would be happy to hear that I no longer have the sore throat from hell. The only problem is that I have no voice. Oh wait... that is probably a good thing for most of you. You don't have to hear me. I go outta my way to say things that I don't really believe from time to time. It makes me laugh for some reason. Ain't sure why, but it's true. I 'member once when I would follow a certain someone around and just annoy the crap outta her until she would finally just tell me to not do stupid stuff. I'd continue anyway.

I started reading a book that most of the people at my church are reading at the same time. The deacon told me to only read a part at a time, but I done read most of it. How do they expect us to read a good book over a period of one month? LOL! It basically says that I am a rich asshole. I don't buy $30 cheese or anything like that, but to sum it up..., I'm a greedy-ass. Oh well.

My book is not happening yet. I am not getting stuff done so fast. I do have ideas for publishers, printing, the forward and the cover art. Now I need the content and a way to record that transfers easy to whichever format I'll end up using.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I thought that I was going to go to WC3 to find out if I teach next semester. I found out that despite having taught there two semesters I ain't accumulated a single hour. What the heck? Unions blow big time. They serve no good purpose. So I gathered in a big room with a bunch of people and found out that I do not have any hours until Fall 09. Then based on whatever I've done there I'll finally have me some hours. SO SO DUMB!

I heard on the news that we gonna get more snow. Yes, it will accumulate and I will have to shovel since people are supposed to come to my unwanted 30th birthday party. My mom decided that she should bother me with this, so this will happen. Arrr.

The saga at my work continues. The chick was in the dreaded office again today. I have no idea what's a goin' on and frankly I would rather not know. I feel as if I did what is best and that is it. Why is so much time allowed to be used up on stuff that should be so simple? Break rules..... hafta go. It ain't like I didn't give her tons of chances to not be rude and outta control. Students continue to approach me and tell me how annoying she is/was. One blirted out that they'd pay for her to go back to where she came from. I just looked at her without a comment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Brand New Week Of Crazy Stuff

I know that it ain't Sunday, but it feels like it. I have so much crap to do. There is no end in sight. Lots of tests to correct and tons of work to do. I will not be pushing weights 'round cuz I need time off from that. My sore throat come outta nowhere, so I decided that there's no need to go to the gym this week a feelin' like crap.

Funny stuff abounds at home. My mom continues to claim that there's mouses a runnin' around and leaving 'droppins' around. We were at my aunt's house and she told a story about when she scared a mouse and it fell into her toaster. I guess it fell in and she had no idea. She went to makin' some toast and started to smell something nasty. She shined a light inside and found a tail. She had her husband take apart the toaster and clean each part. That's a tale. My mom said that she would have throwed it away. She is out of control with bugs and now mouses. What?

The clothes closet thing was interesting this week. About 15 people helped out tonight. We need a lot more help for a few weeks. It was so mush clothes. I feel so guilty when I don't go cuz there's so much work to do. There was a terrible rank in the shopping area. Most of the people who came for clothes smelt of butt. I have no idea why they don't clean theirselves.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing Fun

I've been pretty busy and there's one thing that I can say about that. It is not fun. I used to complain about being bored and now it is the opposite. What the heck? This leads to the next problem. I have nothing interesting to write about these days. I never thought that it would happen back in November when I started writing in this thing. Now, I've done wrote all that needs to be said for the time being. I get sick of writing about stuff that bothers me. That would get on everyone's nerves, so I'll stop doing that for a time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Rules Rules

I reported someone for doing the complete opposite of what is required at my job. I asked the students not to use youtube in other languages or at all and to not bring food or drinks to the lab or classroom. This student who had already been caught cheating became the first person I have reported to campus safety in 3 years. She did everything in a way that was rude and just plain against the rules. A few times she yelled at me in class because I told her the correct answer. If the rules are easier to follow overseas, go there!! What bothers me the most is that I only ask the students to do very normal things. For example, speak English in English class, don't bring drinks or food to a computer lab, don't yell at me for no reason, don't cheat and other normal stuff. What is this girls problem? These students want us to make a compromise while they would never do such a thing. Students were asking me what I could do to control her. I had no other options. I'd do the same thing again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perfect Non-perfect Place!

I used to get really annoyed with my church. There was a time a long time ago when the music was so loud that your ears hurt for 2 hours after the service. Imagine going to church and two hours after your ears are still a ringin' off of the hook. It wadn't even my style of music. LOL! So, after countless meetings and such, things slowly evolved into what it is today. I'm talking about music and every other detail involved with making it work. Everything takes time to change, but religious institutions are the worst. I remember learning in linguistics class that languages used for religious purposes take a really long time to die out/change. I can assure you that it is true for all aspects of church. Things only change slowly at best.

Despite the trend of not starting whatever at church until it is close to perfect, more things have been happening. We must not wait until things are perfect before we do what needs to get done. Actually, things are happening sooner and faster than they were just a year or two ago. People are beginning to realize that stuff musn't be perfect to be done. People can accomplish the things that need to be done as long as they are willing to start off on a not so perfect point. All of us needs to realize that we can change the world around us if we work together. Trying to do stuff alone will almost certainly result in us failing. We need the people around us and those people need us.

I used to imagine my church turning into a mega-church. I was fed that this is what God wants. He wants tons of people to pack out the buildings and then come to know Him. I am not so sure that he wants mega-churches. He druther have lots and lots of smaller chruches doing lots and lots of awesome stuff in the world to accomplish all of the things that He has planned. I feel like there is so much work all of the time. It isn't the kind of work that tires you out either, but doing this work alone isn't fun. It is when the people around you work together to accomplish what we all know should get done that things work out the best.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Michael Phelps should not be a criminal. Man leave this guy alone. He is awesome and comes from a hard working family. His mom worked hard to provide him the opportunity to do well at his sport. This guy practices and swims non-stop 10 or 11 months a year and he gets the urge to relax with his friends and smoke a little something. Then his friend takes a picture of him and sells it. This ain't much of a friend. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He lost a friend or two and lots of money because he trusted his friends to not rat him out. Of course, it is not the best thing to do with time, but dang....., leave him alone. We all make mistakes and I still believe that this was a mistake for him. However, I feel bad that his 'friend' ratted him out. Pot isn't the end of the world. It isn't like he delivered a baby and then left it to die in a cardboard box like that punk 'doctor' in Flordia. Notice how this is near the end of the world, while 'doctors' kill babies and they get rewarded. What the heck?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Teaching at WC3 is strange. The same student who told me that he wouldn't move the desks cuz it ain't his job told me that I looked tired and that I had bags under my eyes. How funny is that? I did have a bit of a head cold, but I don't feel that I am old and nasty looking. He is morbid obese hisself! LOL!!! I could see if he was some sort of super-human or had super-powers, but he don't.

I have several bags of stress. Mabye those are the ones that make me have bags of nasty under my eyes. I still can't believe that a student would say that. LOL! No for real, I can never make my HFCC boss happy. I love the job, but I can't do right is all areas. I do well, but not good enough. I do not have money bags. This is for sure. Maybe I should lead a bank instead of a class. Then I could steal lots of money from people and use it to get my nasty eyes fixed. LOL!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheating and Living

I caught 3 people cheating on one test. What is the deal? The crazy thing is that they would have passed or gotten a much better grade than a zero if they had done the tests theirownselves rather than write on their hands or copy word for word from their "friends". I chatted with one of the students about why she allowed someone to cheat and it was said that they were friends. What? They are of the opposite sex and not allowed to talk to each other. I was informed that she couldn't talk to him cuz they are Arabs, but she felt the need to help him cheat. This is outside the box of what I can relate to. What does one's race have to do with cheating? Not sure.

I spent a fair bit of time making sure that all three understood that I was not angry with them. They fear me which wigs me out. I don't want to hurt them, but I don't want them to cheat. One of my other students wrote me an email telling me how inspired he is by me because he sees me as more than "just a teacher". I never tell the students about what drives me in life. I just try and be as kind as possible without giving in to whatever tricks they have up their sleeves. Another one wants to hang up clothes on Wednesday nights. Let's see what happens with that. Just keep a prayin' that I can keep it together while I deal with a culture opposite mine.

Yeah, on a side note. Driving to church was awesome last week. My mom made me crack up about 30 times. I always play bluegrass gospel on Sirius which is awesome. I often raise my hands to laugh at people who do such things. I grabbed her arm a couple of times to try and get her to do it as well. She refused and told me it was ignorant to try and get her to do it and dumber to actually do it. She informed me that my grandma used to raise her hands at church and pray louder than anyone else. Then, a song came on and my mom sung every single word. I had never heard it before. She said, that if that song was sung at our church, people wouldn't be able to handle it and they'd leave.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rock Out!!

I went to a concert to see a friend from my U of M days play with his band. He is so modest about his talent, but he is really good. It was great to hang out with him. We ain't hung out in about a year or so. It is amazing to know people who you can talk to after years and nothing has changed. We have talked briefly a couple of times over the last year, but we're both pretty busy people. Maybe it won't be a year before I make it out to one of his rockabilly shows. Believe it or not he must made an EP with the producer from ICP. Random!!

I will not be rocking it out today for the Superbowl. I will be checking papers. I have so many to do, and very little time to get them checked and entered into the computer. I will be happy when they are all done. I have a complete set of tests to check. Therefore, I will not be rocking out.

The music at church was not rocking out. In fact, I couldn't handle it. It was too loud and the singing was bad. I stayed in the hall to avoid the music. I know that some might say that it is sin to stay in the hall during "Praise and Worship". LOL! I druther not have a headache.