Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheating and Living

I caught 3 people cheating on one test. What is the deal? The crazy thing is that they would have passed or gotten a much better grade than a zero if they had done the tests theirownselves rather than write on their hands or copy word for word from their "friends". I chatted with one of the students about why she allowed someone to cheat and it was said that they were friends. What? They are of the opposite sex and not allowed to talk to each other. I was informed that she couldn't talk to him cuz they are Arabs, but she felt the need to help him cheat. This is outside the box of what I can relate to. What does one's race have to do with cheating? Not sure.

I spent a fair bit of time making sure that all three understood that I was not angry with them. They fear me which wigs me out. I don't want to hurt them, but I don't want them to cheat. One of my other students wrote me an email telling me how inspired he is by me because he sees me as more than "just a teacher". I never tell the students about what drives me in life. I just try and be as kind as possible without giving in to whatever tricks they have up their sleeves. Another one wants to hang up clothes on Wednesday nights. Let's see what happens with that. Just keep a prayin' that I can keep it together while I deal with a culture opposite mine.

Yeah, on a side note. Driving to church was awesome last week. My mom made me crack up about 30 times. I always play bluegrass gospel on Sirius which is awesome. I often raise my hands to laugh at people who do such things. I grabbed her arm a couple of times to try and get her to do it as well. She refused and told me it was ignorant to try and get her to do it and dumber to actually do it. She informed me that my grandma used to raise her hands at church and pray louder than anyone else. Then, a song came on and my mom sung every single word. I had never heard it before. She said, that if that song was sung at our church, people wouldn't be able to handle it and they'd leave.

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