Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Brand New Week Of Crazy Stuff

I know that it ain't Sunday, but it feels like it. I have so much crap to do. There is no end in sight. Lots of tests to correct and tons of work to do. I will not be pushing weights 'round cuz I need time off from that. My sore throat come outta nowhere, so I decided that there's no need to go to the gym this week a feelin' like crap.

Funny stuff abounds at home. My mom continues to claim that there's mouses a runnin' around and leaving 'droppins' around. We were at my aunt's house and she told a story about when she scared a mouse and it fell into her toaster. I guess it fell in and she had no idea. She went to makin' some toast and started to smell something nasty. She shined a light inside and found a tail. She had her husband take apart the toaster and clean each part. That's a tale. My mom said that she would have throwed it away. She is out of control with bugs and now mouses. What?

The clothes closet thing was interesting this week. About 15 people helped out tonight. We need a lot more help for a few weeks. It was so mush clothes. I feel so guilty when I don't go cuz there's so much work to do. There was a terrible rank in the shopping area. Most of the people who came for clothes smelt of butt. I have no idea why they don't clean theirselves.

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Burkulater said...

BIRFDAY celebrashuns comn' up