Saturday, February 7, 2009


Michael Phelps should not be a criminal. Man leave this guy alone. He is awesome and comes from a hard working family. His mom worked hard to provide him the opportunity to do well at his sport. This guy practices and swims non-stop 10 or 11 months a year and he gets the urge to relax with his friends and smoke a little something. Then his friend takes a picture of him and sells it. This ain't much of a friend. I actually feel sorry for the guy. He lost a friend or two and lots of money because he trusted his friends to not rat him out. Of course, it is not the best thing to do with time, but dang....., leave him alone. We all make mistakes and I still believe that this was a mistake for him. However, I feel bad that his 'friend' ratted him out. Pot isn't the end of the world. It isn't like he delivered a baby and then left it to die in a cardboard box like that punk 'doctor' in Flordia. Notice how this is near the end of the world, while 'doctors' kill babies and they get rewarded. What the heck?

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