Friday, February 27, 2009

I Hope

I am unable to describe the freedom I feel today. It is wonderful to know that I done the right thing and got "in trouble" for it. It is amazing that right things are seen as wrong in the world I live in. I guess I have been sheltered in life by the grace of Jesus. He has never allowed me to be exposed to such worldly PC in all of my life. I walked away from all of it today. I hope to never again be involved in such a crazy scenerio. I done my best to do my job and it wasn't what was expected. Oh well. I will move on.

My life is full of such great things. I will not let anyone suck out my joy. I may have a bad day now and then, but the joy is still there. I try not to let it be based on circumstances. This situation will not rob me of hope or anything else. I just hope that everything else that happens with this whole situation is a gonna blow over.

Bomber' ain't give me a bit of hope either. Where is all the results of all of the promises? Trillions of dollars are being spent. This country doesn't have the money. 'Member we are in a 'near depression'. He likes to say we are running out of money so he prints money that will become worthless. No hope from HIM yet.

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