Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perfect Non-perfect Place!

I used to get really annoyed with my church. There was a time a long time ago when the music was so loud that your ears hurt for 2 hours after the service. Imagine going to church and two hours after your ears are still a ringin' off of the hook. It wadn't even my style of music. LOL! So, after countless meetings and such, things slowly evolved into what it is today. I'm talking about music and every other detail involved with making it work. Everything takes time to change, but religious institutions are the worst. I remember learning in linguistics class that languages used for religious purposes take a really long time to die out/change. I can assure you that it is true for all aspects of church. Things only change slowly at best.

Despite the trend of not starting whatever at church until it is close to perfect, more things have been happening. We must not wait until things are perfect before we do what needs to get done. Actually, things are happening sooner and faster than they were just a year or two ago. People are beginning to realize that stuff musn't be perfect to be done. People can accomplish the things that need to be done as long as they are willing to start off on a not so perfect point. All of us needs to realize that we can change the world around us if we work together. Trying to do stuff alone will almost certainly result in us failing. We need the people around us and those people need us.

I used to imagine my church turning into a mega-church. I was fed that this is what God wants. He wants tons of people to pack out the buildings and then come to know Him. I am not so sure that he wants mega-churches. He druther have lots and lots of smaller chruches doing lots and lots of awesome stuff in the world to accomplish all of the things that He has planned. I feel like there is so much work all of the time. It isn't the kind of work that tires you out either, but doing this work alone isn't fun. It is when the people around you work together to accomplish what we all know should get done that things work out the best.

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K-Dogg said...

church is like one big dysfunctional family. that is why God is so important. outside the building we often resemble those we are trying to win over. he works with us anyway. our church is proof of that.