Saturday, February 21, 2009

Voice for the Voiceless

Many of you would be happy to hear that I no longer have the sore throat from hell. The only problem is that I have no voice. Oh wait... that is probably a good thing for most of you. You don't have to hear me. I go outta my way to say things that I don't really believe from time to time. It makes me laugh for some reason. Ain't sure why, but it's true. I 'member once when I would follow a certain someone around and just annoy the crap outta her until she would finally just tell me to not do stupid stuff. I'd continue anyway.

I started reading a book that most of the people at my church are reading at the same time. The deacon told me to only read a part at a time, but I done read most of it. How do they expect us to read a good book over a period of one month? LOL! It basically says that I am a rich asshole. I don't buy $30 cheese or anything like that, but to sum it up..., I'm a greedy-ass. Oh well.

My book is not happening yet. I am not getting stuff done so fast. I do have ideas for publishers, printing, the forward and the cover art. Now I need the content and a way to record that transfers easy to whichever format I'll end up using.


Burkulater said...

Like to see that cover art.

hillary said...

well...we should be reading it bits at a time b/c that's how you read devotionals...just a thought.

How can you absorb all the content if you just move from one idea straight to the next?

I do believe that was point.

Laura said...

Happy quiet Birthday!

Burkulater said...

You do have a voice. The decibel level is just down at the rest of humanity's.

K-Dogg said...

i'll get a starten on the forward.

High on the Hog said...

K-Dogg, you are clearly from the hood. Ingressive verbs require a to between them. You should say, "get to starting". Sorry to correct your poor grammar. I know that there is limited education in the ghetto.