Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diddle Daddle

Alright.... I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life. My mom's friend screamed out diddle or some crazy thing like that and I almost fell off of the couch. Oh... too bad that I couldn't catch my breath and nobody heard me anyway since I didn't have a voice. I couldn't speak or laugh at my party. Everyone just laughed at me when I tried. I had so many things to laugh at, but nothing was coming out of my big mouth.

I ain't sure what's a gonna happen with my job situation. CVS wants to hire me for some odd reason. Again, I didn't apply....., so we gonna see how that turns out. I hope they do since I haven't accumulated any hours elsewhere. LOL!

I continue to laugh at how dumb my leaders are in this wonderful country. Hillary said that she 'agrees to disagree' with China over human rights. Yep, she don't give a flyin' F my tax dollars are used to kill Chinese babies before they are borned. Nope, she don't care if they torture Christians for having a thought and Spirit in their bodies. Sounds like she's off her rocker. She's against waterboarding too. LOL!! ROFL, liberals make me laugh/cry at the same time.


hillary said...

Oh my gosh Ray. I thought you were talking about me. I almost wanted to punch you.

I was like, "I never said anything about China to you".

Now laugh you usually do when I say anything.

KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...


I applaud you, no... I pat you on the back then applaud you!

You have every right to be upset!

I think we agree on some points, let me know what you think about my article. "What is a Real Patriot?".