Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teaching Mean

Why are people so mean to teachers and pastors? I know many people who teach and several pastors and it seems to me that everybody likes to say and do many a mean thing and do many a mean thing to these workers. I have had several people say or do odd things to me in class about me which were very untrue. I've also seen people make up crap about other teachers and pastors and just continue on with it for months and even years. Most of the time onlookers can see what's a goin' on, while other times they fall for the lie that every claim against one of them must be true.

I seen a short news story today about a teacher who was supposed to have done wrong. Five years ago I would have said, "He done it. What a sick punk!" Now, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt unless I KNOW they have really done whatever and that it is bad. The society now accepts that punk kids can say that something happened, and then it did. When did we accept what kids say happened for the absolute truth? When did we allow groups of people in our country to support even the wrongs that they do simply to advance their goals? I know that many groups do it, but when did it become okay?

I was shocked yesterday when a friend said that his/her child mentioned something that was unthinkable for that child's age. We (mainstream society) are teaching our kids to be mean. I never thought of the things that kids say now. TV and the media have raped our minds and many of us sit back and say that it is progressive. Yes, progressive towards the wrong direction. So, the leaders in our society are now considered bad and the rest is good.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stinks #2

This is my second post about things that stink. However, this'n is a gonna be a bit funnier. On the way home from Zombie's house at 2am I took a farm-like road in order to return to my abode. I've seen deers and such at this time in recent times, so seeing any sort of roadkill isn't so strange. My mom oncet had a boyfriend who lived one mile road farther toward the airport. When neither one had a job, he used to drive these roads to find warm roadkill and eat it. It is important to note that me and my mom never ate such things. As I passed a greenhouse I looked straight ahead and seen a very splatted small animal in front of me. I passed alongside of it and a terrible smell like none other come into my car. It was a dead skunk. I liketa die from the horrilbe smell.

'Member how I just told you of the nasty smell of that skunk. Well, I continued a couple of streets beyond the dead skunk and turned into my neighborhood. I pulled up into my driveway and noticed another little guy checking out my gate. It was another black and white friend. I was stunned. I have never seen a skunk alive in my life except at the zoo and a random pet one on a passerby's shoulder in Quebec. This one was very cool. He acted as if I wasn't there and my lights weren't a shinin' directly in his face. He didn't care one bit. He just done whatever and marched back into the backyard very slowly like nothing was going on.

My conversation with my Spanish teacher went very well. I prayed very very hard that what I was wanting to say would be very clear and kind. She was very understanding and finally understood that the problem was that none of us know what she is saying and she don't know what we are saying. I was surprised that I was able to get her to be so calm. I know that whatever I was saying to her was not directly from me. I thank God that He give me the exact words to say whatever needed to be said. This don't stink.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My life is school. Yes, I like to learn stuff, but I've decided that I will never take a class for free again if there is no real reason to do it. I'm in a Spanish class that I hate. The teacher is sort of nice, but she clearly don't understand the class and they ain't able to understand her either. She expects us to learn an ungodly amount of Spanish in a 4 hour a week class. I teach the same class at the same school, but in French and I promise it ain't as hard to do well in my class. I simply ask for a regular amount of learning for the lower level class that it is. If it ain't for real credit, I ain't a doin' it ever again.

Here I sit in a class were I get paid a lot of money to teach 4 hours a week. I drive in the middle of the day to the big D to teach and it breaks up my day. I would much rather teach full time somewhere. I am so sick of driving all over creation to all sorts of schools to put together a living.

I just got asked if I'm teaching classes for Southgate in the Fall. It is crazy that they want me to know this far in advance what I'm a gonna be doing in 6 months. I have no clue what is going on. In fact, I'd rather not be here, but I can't tell them that cuz they wouldn't give me classes. This semester by semester thing has got to end. I must figure out something stable either here or somewhere else.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I am a person of plans. I do not like to not have something going on. In fact, when something is planned I expect it to happen. I hate when something is planned and it does not come to pass. I was asked to meet up with students from my Spanish class on Sunday night. Out of 3 other students, 0 showed. 30 minutes after they were supposed to show-up, I got a call from one of them saying he was 90 minutes away from Detroit. Wouldn't that be obvious to him earlier than that? I drove 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes home for no reason.

I plan to do something mighty awesome in my life. However, time's a tickin' and many cool things that I imagined in my youth ain't come to pass. I've dreamed of awesome experiences and a life of traverin' here and far. Yet, I remain here without the job that I'd need to get beyond the glory filled city of Taylor.

I plan to attend my first teacher fare. Not sure what will go down, but I hear that contracts are offered on the spot with signing bonuses. I am willing to go wherever I must to have a stable job in this country. I am sick of having 4 or 5 jobs to sort of make it. I want one job that pays the same amount every set amount of time. Now, I have different amounts of money every week. I can't plan, which in turn makes me unhappy. I must plan. I must be working toward something, or I am not happy. They ain't no other way for me. Plan.... plan... plan. I've known a few who've told me that I don't plan and that is interesting.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I want to know why and/or how I added myself to my own blog. I was trying to add another person and ended up adding my-own-self. I just don't get how I can be so dumb with computers and technology.

I want to know why WC3 asked me what size shirt I wear in order to give me two shirts about WC3 reaccreditation. I work there 4 hours a week and they want to give me two shirts. Nice use of taxpayer money. Just think of that next time you go to vote for the Wayne County District tax increase. Next, how is it possible to not offer me one large shirt. I ordered large and I got X-large at my campus. I went to the Belleville campus and I got a medium shirt. Arrr. Why and how!??!

Now I'm on my way to Spanish class. I want to know how the teacher expects us to know all of the irregular Spanish verbs in one chapter. She is out of her mind. I know how long it takes people to learn that sort of stuff. She just keeps a blabbin' and we don't get it. Bla bla bla.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Smells and Such

For those of you don't know, I love going to help out at the clothes closet on Wednesdays. You might could ask what that's all about. Well, it is a place where people give clothes, shoes, house stuff and lots of RANDOM stuff. They hope that people will come there to take it. The idea is that we can live with a bit less so other people can have what they need. There is a rule that you can only come once(t) a month to get whatever you want/need. At this time, we are totally swimming in clothes and stuff. We cannot even make a dent into the huge pile of clothes. It makes me sick to think of how much work there is. However, there have been times when they ain't had nothing. So, that's a good bonus I guess.

There are some people who I've gotten to know a bit and some who come all of the time. I mean all of the time. They do not follow the rule that you can only come once a month. I know that it is impossible to wear so many clothes. There is one particular woman who comes EVERY week. She is so annoying. First she smells very bad. I mean that I can't stand in the same room as her. I can't. I try and I start to choking. Today I was putting some stuff on a table and before I could put something on the table, another person who I'd never seen before asked for these slippers. She reached into my hands and started to take 'em. I was not happy. I said, "I'm sorry. She asked for them first." I wanted to say, you come every single week. I suspect she wanted to sell it online or something. I'm very sure she's gotten tens of bags of clothes in the last three months.

Then there are the people who you see who walk from their house from a mile away. One has MS and was too tired to wake up for the 'food mission' somewhere else the previous week. This woman comes every single week to the free meal that's provided before the clothes closet. She takes only what she needs and folds/organizes clothes as she searches for something that might work for her. The whole time she manages to help despite her obvious medical/mental problems. She's really nice. Tonight she asked for a loaf of bread and mentioned that many days she has nothing to do. Okay, obviously she needs support and help and this is the exact reason that the clothes closet exists.

Anyway, the main reason that I wrote this stuff is that I have to tell everyone how crazy working there is. You have the people who take advantage of the 'system' while others need whatever is being offered. It would be easy to just not do it because of these types of people. However, it must be done. I just wish we had about 20 other helpers every week.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Must Fix (Maybe Deacons Can Help)

The world is so messed up. I feel as if I am supposed to help to fix everything. I have no idea where this feeling of responsibility comes from. Today, as I was getting off of the freeway, I noticed all of the trash that has become alive after the snow melted. It is a season's worth of garbage piled up on the sides of the freeway exits. Dang.... there's a lot of trash. I think that I'd need two bags to clean it up.

The trash that is on the road reminded me of all of the trash that is in my life. I am not sure what all of the trash is, but I know that it is there. After some time, the trash clouds our minds and makes us used to the trash. I ain't saying that I don't want to figure it out, but I often feel as if I can't.

Most of the material stuff in our lives makes the scene quite cloudy. Think of a man standing on a bridge a lookin' out into a soupy lake. It looks cool to see the fog hovering above the water, but beyond that it's blah. I have too much stuff. I look forward to getting rid of more of it. Less to clean and less to worry about.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fast Days

Time seems to fly these days. I am not as busy as I used to be since I give up on the hell hole where I used to work. I am so glad I no longer work in such a dumb place. There were a few cool people in 3 years. However, most of the people were brainwashed into whatever. Time will continue to fly. Thank God I ain't there no more. I am thankful every single day that I do not work in such a depressed annoying job.

I feel as if I must do something awesome. The problem is that I have no idea what that might could be. Who knows? Where will I be in 3 years? I never dreamed 3 years ago that so little would have changed in my life by this time. Maybe I will do something awesome or maybe not. I wanna go and I wanna stay. I know everyone has a 'calling' so it seems as if the 'call' would be heard loudly. Maybe since time's a flyin' I should slow down and listen. I don't know how. I swear, I want to do so much. I run this way and that. I'm not sure where I'm a goin.

I wish I had something interesting to write about today. I druther talk of owls and chickens than all of this. They ain't much funny going on. Mabye the clothes closet will bring funny things. Mabye WC3 will too. Donuts never do. That's for sure.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Big Lie

One of my students who used to be in the dreaded class likes to come to the clothes closet. He can not speak English very well. He's very nice and hated the majority of the jerks in the last class very much. He brought a friend from a similar background. We eat at the church and they sat there and chatted with us. My mom decided to ask who they pray to. It was very strange, but my mom simply don't give a rip. My student's friend who speaks very good English said, "The one". My mom said, "What's his name?" He said "Allah". Then my mom said, "Wrong one. I gotta go hang up clothes. Bye." It was almost like he came to debate. My mom was frustrated as she sat there and listen to him tell people at the table all about Allah. My mom was the first to ask. The others were just there. Couldn't he have talked about anything else? I made it very clear that we were hanging up clothes, yet the friend kept trying to tell everyone that we share Gods. He knows better. How could he not? Is it possible that this educated guy really believes that it is the same thing? I concluded the strange dinner conversation with the fact that the Gods in each of the books have different personalities, therefore they cannot be the same. Then we hung up clothes and everything else was fine until we were about to leave. My 'friends' were going to drive me home. We were all standing around in a circle when my mom asked me when I'd be home. I said that I didn't know. My student's friend said, "We'll bring him home in a couple of days." My mom's face was full of rage. I know it took everything she had to not punch this guy in the face. It was strange for him to say that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Why is this world so crazy? I can't believe people can have such empty feeling toward the unborn. I am listening to people all the time tell me, "Why don't you just worry about your life?" and "If they can't take care of 'em, why let them go through life and suffer?" I simply can't understand it. It seems so simple. It is not a good idea to kill people and especially innocent people. I am shocked every time someone tells me that there are certain cases when you can kill a baby. What the heck is wrong with these people? These babies who they claim will grow up in terrible conditions will be better off than 95% of all children ever born in the history of humans. Who told people that a baby needs this and that more than life? You need "X" amount of dollars or your life isn't worth it! What a lie!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I decided to write about nothing today. Today seems sad. Lots of rain. It is annoying. I am not happy today. I am not sad either. Just breathing and doing routine stuff. Sleep, shower, drive, work, eat, eat, eat, cafe and finally write.

I can't help but comment on the way the economy is working out. I feared that all of the things that are happening would come to pass. I do not trust 'Bomber at all. He continues to print money and give money to people who aren't working. Arrrr. Today there is news that he plans to try and close Catholic hospitals because of the 'freedom of choice'. WTF!! He cut the deductions to those who donate money to charity. He is ANTI for sure. Today he's been a blabbin' about killing embryos too. Not cool.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, although I've been workin' at Tim Horton's for 10 years and they offer health insurance, I can't get it. You might ask... why? Well since the government is in control of it, they decided that those who've already been working there can't sign up but once a year. So, as of now I don't have coverage. No, I do not want others to pay for it. Our taxes are already high enough.

My mom continues to have many problems. She has to poke her finger for the rest of her life to find out if her sugar is too high and take a pill. Beyond that she has to take a pill once a week to make her bones stronger. Her doctor forgot to inform her the last two years that she had weak bones. This pill will eat your insides if you lay down for the first 30 minutes after you take it. Sounds sick! In addition to all of this, she has to have her heart fixed again. That's 3 horrible things that she found out in one week from different doctors. Now you know why I feel that I need insurance. I'd be dead before I got all of those pills paid for if I had all of those problems.

What is worse is that I keep thinking about all of the people around the world that have one doctor for 300,000 people and no money or transportation or supplies to fix the problems that do exist. I have to do something about this, but I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chickens and Owls

I wonder what owl meat would taste like. I've ate jellyfish, dog, horse and a few other interesting things. I have to try that one day. I am a big fan of chicken. One time when I was up at a friend's cottage we drove all over town a lookin' for a good b-que chicken restaurant. I wonder if there is b-que owl restaurant somewhere in the hills. Who knows?

I was at my Aunt's house yesterday and I wondered how many chickens they had. I remember when they had a few less than 10 a runnin' around the yard. I noticed that they's fewer so I ask my cousin where they were. He told me that 4 had froze to death. He found them solid as a rock out in the yard. What a horrible way to go!! It made me think of all of the people who are livin' out in the cold. I personally hate to be cold, so that must be a not so good thing. I wonder what I could do to fix this problem for both the chickens and the people. I have a friend who likes to help animals, so I should ask her. LOL! My cousin also filled me in on how he had found an owl out somewhere and brung it back to his garage. He lit a fire overnight and put it in a cage along with a towel to keep warm. In the morning, it was also froze solid. I suggested that he take better care of his birds.

When I was in Korea, I found out that owls are considered evil. I think it is those who keep animals and people in the cold that are not so good.