Friday, March 6, 2009


Well, although I've been workin' at Tim Horton's for 10 years and they offer health insurance, I can't get it. You might ask... why? Well since the government is in control of it, they decided that those who've already been working there can't sign up but once a year. So, as of now I don't have coverage. No, I do not want others to pay for it. Our taxes are already high enough.

My mom continues to have many problems. She has to poke her finger for the rest of her life to find out if her sugar is too high and take a pill. Beyond that she has to take a pill once a week to make her bones stronger. Her doctor forgot to inform her the last two years that she had weak bones. This pill will eat your insides if you lay down for the first 30 minutes after you take it. Sounds sick! In addition to all of this, she has to have her heart fixed again. That's 3 horrible things that she found out in one week from different doctors. Now you know why I feel that I need insurance. I'd be dead before I got all of those pills paid for if I had all of those problems.

What is worse is that I keep thinking about all of the people around the world that have one doctor for 300,000 people and no money or transportation or supplies to fix the problems that do exist. I have to do something about this, but I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?

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K-Dogg said...

let's kidnap some of our doctors, and toss them from a plane, with a parachute of course, above areas of Africa and South America.