Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My life is school. Yes, I like to learn stuff, but I've decided that I will never take a class for free again if there is no real reason to do it. I'm in a Spanish class that I hate. The teacher is sort of nice, but she clearly don't understand the class and they ain't able to understand her either. She expects us to learn an ungodly amount of Spanish in a 4 hour a week class. I teach the same class at the same school, but in French and I promise it ain't as hard to do well in my class. I simply ask for a regular amount of learning for the lower level class that it is. If it ain't for real credit, I ain't a doin' it ever again.

Here I sit in a class were I get paid a lot of money to teach 4 hours a week. I drive in the middle of the day to the big D to teach and it breaks up my day. I would much rather teach full time somewhere. I am so sick of driving all over creation to all sorts of schools to put together a living.

I just got asked if I'm teaching classes for Southgate in the Fall. It is crazy that they want me to know this far in advance what I'm a gonna be doing in 6 months. I have no clue what is going on. In fact, I'd rather not be here, but I can't tell them that cuz they wouldn't give me classes. This semester by semester thing has got to end. I must figure out something stable either here or somewhere else.


The Red One said...

poor rain man da-chimp!

K-Dogg said...

i hear dat bro. hopefully a door with some stability will open for you soon.

i just got your text. very funny.