Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Why is this world so crazy? I can't believe people can have such empty feeling toward the unborn. I am listening to people all the time tell me, "Why don't you just worry about your life?" and "If they can't take care of 'em, why let them go through life and suffer?" I simply can't understand it. It seems so simple. It is not a good idea to kill people and especially innocent people. I am shocked every time someone tells me that there are certain cases when you can kill a baby. What the heck is wrong with these people? These babies who they claim will grow up in terrible conditions will be better off than 95% of all children ever born in the history of humans. Who told people that a baby needs this and that more than life? You need "X" amount of dollars or your life isn't worth it! What a lie!!!


K-Dogg said...

did you visit my link?

KenjaNoSekkyoudan said...

Your absolutely right my friend!! It is a dire shame!